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Zope Documentation Project

This is the website of the Zope Documentation Project, or ZDP for short. It is in rapid development.

The first project of the ZDP is the creation of an extensive Zope FAQ. We intend to set up a Collaborative FAQ tool on this site soon. More information on our plans for that can be found in the Metadocs section. For now, however, the current FAQ is here.

We are also working on quite a lot of other documentation on Zope. Although these are drafts, we think they're useful already. Please remember however that they are incomplete and may contain some inaccuracies. Feel free to point those and other things out to us; we're glad to take your input!

If you want to help out the ZDP, please subscribe to the ZDP mailing list. You can subscribe here. We hope to see you there!

This is the official ZDP website. It is zope-based; to edit the content, ask Martijn Faassen or the ZDP List for an account. (But see also the new Zope Portal)

Overview of ZDP site content (1999-08-19):

  • Zope FAQ. One of ZDP's primary tasks is building a comprehensive Zope FAQ, extending Digital Creations' original Zope Q&A.;
  • The ZDP Programmer's Guide to Zope. Incorporates much reference & tutorial material from DigitalCreations.
  • ZBook is the beginnings of a zope book. Currently there are two introductory and overview chapters and a tutorial.
  • CoolFAQ describes the ZDP's intended zope-based collaborative FAQ tool.

Some ZopePortal content that may not be obvious (1999-08-19):

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