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Chapter II

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We would like to present you the text written so far as introduction to Zope.
Written by Tom Deprez, additions and corrections by Howard Shawn, Maartijn Faassen and Pavlos Christoforou.

Please, read it carefully, and discuss the context on the zdp list.
Also send additions, corrections to the ZDP list! Thanks!
Pictures, schematic overviews needed!

Do you need something explained and you can't find it here? Let us know!
Enjoy your reading!

We're looking to a good way of presenting tutorials. We've created a tutorial, which explains how ZBook is created. Suggestions, additions etc. are welcome!!!

Chapter I : introduction to Zope
Chapter II: The Power of Zope
Tutorial : How the heck did we made ZBook.

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Are there some people who are handy in graphics? If you're and you would like to help us, please let us know! Adding some nice graphics, makes a paper always a little bit fancier and nicer to read. Ideas? What about a ZBook frontpage? What about a ZDP, ZBook logo? What about changing the graphical presentations in the book in something more colorfull?