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Zope Corporation has established relationships with leading software, services, operating system and infrastructure companies to deliver exceptional value to its customers.  Together, we offer a full complement of seamlessly integrated and fully optimized content management solutions. Among the fine companies we partner with are:

Red Hat Inc. (http://www.redhat.com)

Red Hat is the leader in development, deployment, and management of Linux and open source solutions for Internet infrastructure--ranging from embedded devices to secure Web servers. Red Hat bundles Zope Open Server 2.4 with commercial Linux distributions.

Beehive (http://www.beehive.de/company/history/index.html)

Beehive, headquartered in Germany, offers a wide range of Zope-related service. They publish Zope ebooks to help developers worldwide quickly build Zope solutions. Beehive also provides Web applications support, Zope hosting and Zope training in North America and Europe.

bayMountain Inc. (http://www.baymountain.com)

bayMountain is the leader in outsourced software infrastructure services for mid-market organizations. bayMountain uses Linux-based clustering to deliver high-performance, high-availability computing power at competitive pricing. The company specializes in offering rapid deployment, on-demand capacity (grows as your company's needs grow) and fail-safe reliability, all with 24X7 service and support.  Zope Corporation and bayMountain deploy the Zope community Web site – www.zope.org

Kaivo Inc. (http://www.kaivo.com)

Kaivo has been helping companies accelerate adoption of leading-edge technologies since inception in 1984. Kaivo has been studying open platform technologies for almost two decades, and helps customers integrate/ adopt UNIX, Solaris, Linux, Palm, Java, Windows, Zope, the IBM PC architecture, and many other valuable platforms. Kaivo is the leading provider of Zope training courses.

ActiveState Corporation (http://www.activestate.com)

ActiveState partners with global IT companies to offer user-friendly development environments that are multi-language and cross-platform. ActiveState solutions provide improved productivity using Perl, Python, TCL, PHP and XSLT development tools, making them the global leader in open source programming software. Zope Corporation and ActiveState together integrated the Zope Content Server with Perl scripting language.