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Technical Support

Technical Support

Zope Corporation offers a suite of support offerings to assist all organizations with their Zope architected systems.

Organizations often require specialized support and fast turn-around time.. Zope's experienced staff is especially qualified to quickly and accurately answer technical inquiries. Over 100 customer engagements have produced a base of knowledgeable and professional expertise second-to-none. Five different support plans are available and vary with the nature of the supported Zope platform. There are economical, low-volume packages for smaller installations and 24/7/365 offerings with bundled site analysis for larger ones. Support packages bundle hours of technical support with several value-added components such as technical conference calls and Internet-based seminars. To discuss your requirements call (540) 361-1700 or email

Note: ‘Open Source’ software means that technical support for non-time critical projects is available from the Zope community via the Internet at no cost.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Plus
Web Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
   Phone Access No No Yes Yes Yes
Support Contacts at Client 1 1 2 3 4
Supported Products          
   Zope Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
   Officially supported/certified components Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes
   Custom/private applications No No Yes Yes Yes
Customer requirements          
   VNC or NetMeeting No No  Yes Yes Yes
Regular CD-ROM Distributions No No Yes Yes Yes
Basic site analysis included (*TE + travel time) No No Yes Yes Yes
Quarterly Tech Conference Calls (beginning 1/2002)          
   Zope No No Yes Yes Yes
   Python No No Yes Yes Yes
Priority Bug Fixes No No Yes Yes Yes
Included Training Seats          
   Zope for Developers 0 0 1 2 2
   Intermediate Zope (Zope 201) 0 0 1 2 2
Coverage Reg bus hrs Reg bus hrs Reg bus hrs Reg bus hrs 24/7
Initial Response Eight (8) bus hrs Eight (8) bus hrs Six (6) bus hrs Four (4) hrs Four (4) hrs
Term of coverage (See Terms and Conditions) One Yr One Yr One Yr One Yr One Yr
Packaged Support Hours 15 40 80 150 150
Packaged Site Analysis Hours 0 0 25 25 25
Cost $5,995.00 $14,995.00 Call Call Call

The following defined terms describe our support plans:

  1. Email & Web Access: Zope Corporation provides technical support through use of an email process that includes an automated tracking system, available via the web.
  2. Phone Access: Support customers can access technical support representatives via a toll call with the appropriate package level.
  3. Technical Support: Provides customers with extra sources for evaluating, diagnosing and solving technical issues. Technical support does not include custom application development or training. Although Zope Corporation strives to resolve every support incident quickly and without custom work, there are situations that may require customization. Zope works to achieve the optimal solution.
  4. Custom Application: Includes any application not on the list of Supported Applications e.g., modified versions and/or distributions of the Supported Applications themselves as well as locally developed applications.
  5. Supported Applications: Officially supported by Zope. This list changes periodically and is available on the Zope website under the Technical Support section.
  6. Support Incident: Is the unit of work for a Technical Support Contract. Zope continues work on a support incident through resolution.
  7. Site Analysis: Effective problem diagnosis and resolution requires familiarity with the Support Customers' Zope installations, applications and environment. The Site Analysis effort requires between five (5) and twenty-five (25) hours to complete and document. Efficiencies may be achieved through: a. comprehensive, well-organized documentation
    1. clear, accurate problem statements, and
    2. remote access to the system(s) under review
    3. Supported Remote Control Software: Technical support is most effective if/when Zope support technicians have hands-on access to the target system which requires that the support customer provide and maintain access to any Supported System(s) from outside the firewall via Microsoft NetMeeting (Version 3.0 and higher), VNC, or WebEx conferencing software.
  8. Supported System: This is a suite of hardware and software for which Technical Support is required. Supported Systems must be identified and undergo a Site Analysis prior to the commencement of work on a Support Incident involving the Supported System.
  9. Priority Bug Fixes: Zope Corporation's ongoing quality assurance initiatives take into account issues of importance to enterprise-class support clients.
  10. Included Training Seats: Training for the client's staff is available on site or at Zope Corporation's offices. Travel and related expenses necessary to attend these training courses is not included.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment for all support offerings must be made in advance.
  2. Individual package offerings cannot be unbundled.
  3. Customers agree to provide support personnel with access to the supported system via one of the Supported Remote Control Software packages.
  4. Site analysis phase can be performed onsite. If this option is selected, travel and related expenses will be billed separately and in addition to the fees for the support plan and travel time billed at 50% of our standard consulting rate.
  5. Customers may upgrade support agreements to higher levels within fifteen (15) calendar days of purchase with the full purchase price credited to the higher priced offering. Support programs may not be downgraded.
  6. Time spent on a Support Incident is tracked and billed in thirty (30) minute increments.
  7. Support package are not transferable.

All comments, responses, information and/or materials submitted to Zope Corporation (ZC) by customers engaging ZC through the purchase of support contracts, shall be considered non-confidential and the property of Zope Corporation. By requesting ZC paid-support customers agree to assign to Zope Corporation, at no charge, all worldwide rights, title and interest in copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the support process and solution. Zope Corporation shall be free to use and/or disseminate support solutions on an unrestricted basis for any purpose along with the customer name and appropriately referenced information. All paid support customers attest to having authority for the support request and are legally able to commit the contracting organization to these terms and conditions.

Zope is superior to other content management solutions provided by the competition because of its object-oriented nature, allowing rapid development via code reuse and extension of proven functional modules.

 -  Bob Corriher, Director of Web Engineering, P-Wave Inc

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