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Company Website Framework

Zope is the most powerful open source content management tool, ideal for powering corporate Web sites. Zope can be customized quickly to meet the needs of a specific business, increasing functionality while speeding development. Specific advantages for website management include:

  • Content management by any and all associates that management approves, can be authorized, without Webmaster assistance so for example, individual departments can post news within seconds of its release.

  • Web site information is stored as separate components that enable end users to quickly revise or update portions without major site redesign.

  • Internal end-users can be responsible for content management. For example, Human Resources can be in charge of the Careers Section while Marketing handles the company Mission Statement.

For more information, contact sales@zope.com

We're betting our company on Python and Zope, that's how good we feel about the technology.

 -  Ian Prince, Developer, inextenso (Internet and environment system integrators, Switzerland)

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