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Document Management

The Information Age has lived up to its billing by producing reams of information. Accessing that information quickly and efficiently is a major challenge for individuals and organizations. 

Zope Corporation develops custom document management solutions based upon its award-winning Zope Content Management Software. Zope leverages powerful content management tools to help companies develop and manage complex documents. The software enables businesses to:

  • Manage large documents remotely
  • Allow multiple people to work simultaneously on a document
  • Track document changes and maintain version control
  • Create review and approval workflows and processes that automate the change process and embed appropriate controls
  • Manage supporting documents such as graphs, spreadsheets, pictures, drawings
  • Enable remote viewing and printing of the entire document via a Web browser

 As importantly, Zope is flexible and allows people to work within the framework of their unique work environments.  The nature of complex contracts, proposals and other communications documents, means on-going revision.   Zope has powerful end-user tools that enable companies and individuals to quickly change applications as conditions dictate.

For more information, contact us at info@zope.com