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Media Solutions

Media corporations face numerous challenges; prime among them is how to cost-effectively meet customer demand for online content. Internet customers want to see:

  • Full replication of print content with easy search features
  • Late breaking news and links to in-depth information
  • Access to back issues and related content
  • Convenient access to other relevant information

The cost of developing and managing media Web sites continues to skyrocket while revenue streams continue to fade. There is intense pressure for newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television stations to deliver within slim budgets. Zope Corporation demonstrates ways to increase traffic, raise ad rates, and lower overall costs. Zope turns a cumbersome cost center into an efficient business.

Zope provides a powerful platform that enables any media outlet to post a Web site that satisfies customer needs and is cost effective. Zope understands the publishing industry and has a rich history providing media outlets with technology to improve business processes. The key advantages to Zope software include:

  • Creating workflows and business processes to streamline the publishing process
  • Easy-to-use templates that simplify the page creation process
  • Built-in access to major news services like Reuters and AP
  • Elimination of the Webmaster "bottleneck"

Larger media companies can leverage Zope's capabilities to create a common platform across all of their media properties. This expands the content base while dramatically lowering the overall costs of development and maintenance. Zope provides each media property with a distinctive front-end and complete control over Web content, while creating a shared repository of content and a common system. 

A sample of the media properties being supported by Zope:

www.fredericksburg.com          Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

For more information, contact us at sales@zope.com