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Discussion icon Difference between Zope and a Blog

Posted by: smirk at 2003-10-20

Your question about the differences between Zope and a Blog are actually well founded. In a CMS, the core feature is its ability to manage news across a site, allowing you to categorize your news items, link them to other news items, and some will also allow you to gather reader comments. This is not so different from a blog, except that in the case of a blog, the source of the news is almost always one person or a very small number of people. In a CMS, the source of the news could be anybody.

A CMS portal can also have a lot of other features that isn't core to the Blog world, but you're right in noticing that the most important piece of functionality has a lot in common with Blogs. The truth of the matter is that the further the technologies mature, the harder it will be to tell the difference between a CMS, discussion forum, and blog. Each type of application is simply expanding and adopting aspects of each other's functionality by approaching it from their own respective strengths. You can start with a message board that becomes a CMS or a Blog that becomes a message board.