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Discussion icon Starting Zope in RedHat9

Posted by: serpiente69 at 2003-11-11

I also have problems with Zope on RedHat 9.0. I can start zope. All looks fine on the text terminal. I can log in (after starting it for the second time from the terminal) but after so many clicks, it just dies. Zope is still running on the server but I am no longer able to connect any more. The browser just hangs forever. Does anybody else have this problem. I have tested it on two different machines with the same result.


Discussion icon See the README.RedHat

Posted by: Chirael at 2004-03-18

This is described at the top of /usr/share/doc/zope/README.RedHat. Of course, the README says you shouldn't experience the problem, so I'm not sure why you are. I'm personally bothered that the fix is a kernel rebuild, which I don't know how to do (I have a dedicated server thousands of miles away), so I'm praying I don't run into this problem.