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Discussion icon Accesing the pages without the 8080

Posted by: scasagra at 2003-11-29

Actually the browser is typing the 80 for you! You always have to enter the URL, indicating the service you want to access (http) and the port where this service is running (80 for most web servers).

The browsers are helpful enough so you don't have to write http and the 80

If you want to access the pages without the 8080 just setup your Zope instance to run http on the port 80 of your server. Depending on how you are running your server you can or can not do that. My ISP for example, filters all ports under numbre 1024 (all administrative ports in UNIX boxes), and filter other most common ports like 8080 (sibling of the 80 port). Ask you ISP or administrator to run Zope in the port 80.

Another option is to use a redirection service like