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New Zope Book by Galileo Press (german, Zope 2.6/2.7)

Galileo Press, one of the leading publishers of professional computer books in Germany, proudly presents their first book on Zope (Zope 2.6/2.7 - 3.0). Book: Zope 2.6/2.7 (german) by Galileo Computing
ZOPE (in german)
- Grundlagen, Praxis, Referenz
- Entwicklung von dynamischen Webanwendungen
- Aktuell zu Zope 2.6/2.7 und 3.0
Peter Walerowski

Galileo Computing
600 pages, 2004, CD-ROM
44,90 Euro, ISBN 3-89842-403-0

You will find further informations, like table of contents, free sample chapters etc., at the Galileo Press website
Of course, you can order the book there as well.

N.B. Galileo Press is using Zope since 2002. If you want to see Zope in action have a look at our website(s) and Imprints: Galileo Press, Galileo Computing, Galileo Design, SAP PRESS, SAP-Hefte.