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Launching POWERPLONE service

Professional website hosting service based on the open source CMS Plone.

INGENIWEB, european leader in the open source content management solution ZOPE/PLONE has launched a Plone hosting service. This new application service platform is the first exclusively dedicated to Plone sites and servers. The platform is highly secured, and manages web sites and all related services (dns, emails, backup, statistics, products, external methods, logs, zmi, etc.). Payment is done online, using a credit card and in euros.

With enterprise-class solutions, top service quality and attractive pricing, PowerPlone positions itself as the "must-use" Zope/Plone hosting offering.

"During the last 3 years, while managing our Zope hosting business, we have gained a lot of experience, and PowerPlone is the result of leveraging this experience" commented Jean-René VIDAUD, Ingeniweb Associate and Sales Manager. Said Olivier DECKMYN, Associate and Chief Technology Officer : "We are very proud of this platform, which brings total control to the customer, with a very elaborated security. Building this platform has taken 18 months of man-work and the result is very rewarding for the involved team of experts !"

The service is available starting today in 4 languages (english, french, german, spanish), the first servers being deployed in Europe (PARIS). The PowerPlone platform is also offered as a white label solution, and availability on the american continent is already considered.

The service is available at



Ingeniweb is the european leading provider of services based on the Zope application server and the Plone Content Management System. Created in 2001 by a team of the best french experts (authors of the reference books on Zope), Ingeniweb offers solutions targeted at their clients needs : Fortune 500 companies, government and public sector, SMEs, NGOs.

  • ENGINEERING : Management of all the technical aspects of a project. Delivered solutions can be of any type : brochureware, editorial site, media site, intranet, extranet, collaborative or community portal, e-commerce site, document management, etc.
  • TRAINING : Powered by a rich and diverse catalog, this department provides technical skills to everyone, from the beginner to the expert, from the prescriptor to the decision maker.
  • HOSTING : The only hosting platform dedicated to Zope and Plone in France ; from a simple website instance to a dedicated server, and some customized options for highly secured solutions.
  • OPEN SOURCE : A founding member of Zope Europe Association, Ingeniweb is one of the leading Open Source Software actors with many components contributed to Plone CMS.

Technologies : GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, C, C++, Apache, Python, Zope, Plone, OpenLDAP, OpenSQL, OpenSSL, etc.

Services : Custom Application Development, Project Management, Technical Support, Integration, Training, Security Audit, Hosting

Some Customers : Société Générale,, Sanford, Cochin, INRA, Ministères (Défense, Intérieur, Transport, Equipement, etc.), Préfecture de l'Essonne, Mutuelle de l'Assemblée nationale, Canton de Neuchatel (Suisse), France Telecom R&D;, Sopra Group, Cap Gemini, CNRS, MGN, Méteo France, BHV, Office de la Statistique, AFNET, FIR, A7Promo, Astotel, BioPredictive, Implants-Industrie, Cerdis, LandsNet, Cheval de Troie, etc

INGENIWEB / 2 cours du 14 Juillet / 78300 Poissy / FRANCE

Email :

Phone & Fax : +33 1 300 601 41


Discussion icon "THE european leader" ?

Posted by: zwork at 2004-06-01

"INGENIWEB, european leader in the open source content management solution ZOPE/PLONE..." in my opinion a quite blunt expression. AFAIK Europe (even France) has several companies who could claim the same leadership :-)

regards Philipp Auersperg