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Public CVS

Digital Creations is hosting continuously up-to-date mirrors of Zope developer's CVS-based source code repositories, so the community at large can track Zope source code changes as they are applied. Follow the instructions to arrange for your own checkouts over the internet, and see the zope-checkins and Digicool-CVS entries for info about receiving checkin annoucements as checkins are made.

A web-accessible front end to our CVS repository is available for read-only access as a convenience.

We are initially making the core Zope sources available, and plan to bring other projects online - from developers within and outside of Digital Creations. If you are continuing to develop a body of Zope-relevant code that you'd like to publish via CVS from zope.org, contact me, klm@digicool.com.

In any case, if you are maintaining or considering development of a Zope project, and are interested in support, contact us.

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