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Zope Mailing Lists

There are several Zope mailing lists available. They are maintained with Mailman. Go to the mailing list page to manage your subscription.

The Zope list is also archived by eGroups. Here's a form to search their archive.

List Description
Zope-Announce [Archives] For everyone in the Zope community, this list carries announcements about significant Zope events - software releases, public news coverage, etc.
Zope [Archives] The general list for Zope users - operation of and content management with Zope, including basic dtml programming and so forth.
Zope-Dev [Archives] A separate list for Zope developers, focusing on Zope's innards and continuing evolution.
ZDP [Archives] A list for the Zope Documentation Project (ZDP), a volunteer effort (RAH RAH!) to improve the documentation and other information resources, at least initially a FAQ and howto's, for the Zope community. Visit the ZDP site to see the ongoing work.
Zope-Checkins [Archives] A mailing list reporting the checkin messages of the core Zope developers as checkins are committed. This is corresponds to the public CVS distribution. This list is not for discussion - use zope-dev instead.
Digicool-CVS [Archives] A mailing list for discussing the Digital Creations public-CVS arrangements, and also for checkin messages for the core administrative files on which the arrangment is based.
ZCommerce [Archives] A mailing list strictly for the purposes of discussing E-Commerce solutions using Zope. They like to call it ZCommerce.
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