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Zope is a free, Open Source application server and portal toolkit used for building high-performance, dynamic web sites.

What is Zope?

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Zope 2.0 has been released! Download the Zope 2.0.0 (Sept 1 1999) release now!

Zope 2 includes:

  • ZODB 3, the next generation of the Zope Object Database
  • Z Classes, a new mechanism for building Zope applications
  • WebDAV and XML-RPC support
  • XML support
  • ZServer, the integration of Zope and the high-performance, multi-protocol Medusa server toolkit
  • Many other sundry big significant items:
    • Look and feel improvements
    • Tighter security
    • Simpler creation of Python products

Zope.org beta site

Check out the Zope.org beta site. This site will soon replace the current Zope.org site.


You might also be interested in the Zope documentation effort which includes documentation for both users and programmers. It now includes three new Zope Guides which introduce and teach Zope, a How-To collection, and a downloadable Product API Tutorial for programmers who want to extend Zope.

Joining the Zope Community

The best way to keep up with goings on in the Zope community is to subscribe to the mailing list. It's getting pretty heavy traffic, so you may want to use digest mode, or read the archives.

You can be a part of Zope developments by following daily changes in public CVS. You can also make your desires and annoyances known in Bugs and Features database

We're glad you decided to check out Zope! We hope you give it a try and have fun.

-The Zope Team (info@digicool.com)

Spotlight On

Digital Garage

Digital Garage Digital Garage, Inc. specializes in Web site development, Internet business development, Internet commerce, and Internet advertising. Digital Garage clients include Infoseek, Japan, SonicNet, Web Nation, and Kodak Japan.

Cyrus Shaoul, CTO of Digital Garage says, "Zope is a revolutionary piece of software, a fully customizable, extensible application server for the web. I think that, like Apache and Linux, it will be the underdog that topples the 'commercial giants' entering this field." Shaoul adds, "Zope has given us the ability to develop better web sites in less time. It has helped us reduce wasted time though the re-use of objects. It has made debugging and testing simpler."

Digital Garage would like to create a Zope community in Japan, and work on internationalizing Zope.

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