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Zope - the Z Object Publishing Environment, the highly regarded open-source object-oriented web application framework written in python. Zope was once the commercial product called Principia, which arose from BoBo. JimFulton? and DigitalCreations (now ZopeCorporation) are the wizards behind this, and now also the large and very busy zope community.

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Here is a ZopeTimeline. For more, see ZopeWiki, or the other ZopeSites.

The Wikipedia had this to say about Zope (as at 24/04/2004):

 "Zope is an object oriented web application server written in the programming language Python. 
 It can be almost fully managed with a web-based user interface.
 A Zope website is composed of objects as opposed to files, as is usual with many other 
 web server systems. The advantage of using objects instead of files is that objects:

    * combine behavior and data in a more natural way than flat textfiles. 

    * encourage the use of standard components which take care of one particular part of 
      what makes a web application, allowing for flexibility and good decomposition."

Need To Know said:

 "Professional Web content systems companies, switching to Open Source -
 as recommended by their own *venture capitalist*? That's *sick*. ZOPE
 is a PERVERTED hybrid of the widely-regarded BOBO object-oriented CGI
 replacement, and the previously commercial PRINCIPIA Web application
 system. It's also got the Aqueduct relational database system thrown
 in. It's all free, source code is included, and even more
 horrifically, it's centered on the PYTHON language, that
 politically-correct, nicely-formatted, easy-to-read OPEN BLOODY SOURCE
 scripting language. ZOPE's creators will be releasing the source later
 today, so we haven't had a chance to play, but we hope it's bloody
 rubbish, otherwise we'll have nothing nasty to say at

                    - nice clean well-written Website too. CURSE THEM!"



To submit an unchecked checkbox value in a form: add '<input type="checkbox" type="hidden" name="VARNAME:default:boolean" value="">', it will be used by Zope if the box is unchecked *

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