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Old notes attempting to answer "What is there to know about Zope ?"

In particular I would like to see one high-level map that can be understood by beginners and experts so that when a question is asked we can quickly figure out where the heck in the forest we are.


seems to be a dead-link? AndrewCates

DC's Seven Circles Of Hell (or Heaven); or, a rough taxonomy of Zope Knowledge from beginner to expert level:

  1. the plain of Text; plain text, structured text documents; also files & images
  2. the fields of HTML; html documents, html tags, index_html; stylesheets
  3. the ZClass? lands; design concepts; building things with ZClass?(es)
  4. the DTML domain; content and code; dtml documents & dtml methods; dtml tags; basic namespace operation; programming with dtml
  5. the Scripting realms; in which dwell Expressions, Methods and Python/Perl/XSLT; scripting languages; python expressions in dtml; python & perl methods; namespace details; safe execution
  6. the unbound Scripting realms; here be External Methods; the filesystem, the powers for good and evil
  7. the halls of the Serpent; where dwell it's Products; the Machinery; the duties and powers of a product; security, compatibility, testing, packaging

There's much more of course.

RikHoekstra? wrote: before we land in Zope land we should go through

  1. The World of the Web and why it needs a Server of Applications
  2. Where we draw up Requests and Encode them
  3. Learn about the Protocols that are Spoken
  4. Understand the mysteries of Common Gateways
  5. Pass the Secret Ways of Authorisation and Authentication

or, Seven Levels of Zope Mastery; or, Seven Steps to ZopeZen (hate to dilute the word Zen but it's so useful) :

1. Introduction to zope

2. Static documents

3. Dynamic documents

4. Web objects

5. Advanced scripting

6. Zope components

7. Zope core

What's missing from the above ?

The management interface, the security model, installation, configuration, upgrading & maintenance, debugging, ZEO, other add-ons, the various access protocols, how the zope community works and where it's at, oh yeah and SQL databases, zcatalog, ...

You see why we need maps.

These attempt to describe how things are, not necessarily how they should be.

WhyIsThisSoComplicated?, again ?

See also: all the other work in this area - ZDP's, Michel's book, Itamar's doc, etc.


Just the docs, ma'am. *

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