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What is a Zope Product ?

You can add new kinds of objects and functionality to Zope by installing an add-on package called a Zope Product in your zope instance's Products directory. Some products are shipped with Zope; hundreds more are available for download from and elsewhere.

To install a zope product, download and unpack it in your Products directory and restart zope. Check the product's installation instructions for any extra steps. CMF/CPS/Plone-related products must also be installed in each site where you want them to be active, by using CMFQuickInstallerTool, CPSInstaller or Plone Setup.

Some zope products are low-level components providing or extending zope infrastructure (ZCatalog, MailHost). Others provide end-user applications or mini-apps (ZWiki, SquishDot, MPoll). Some products depend on other products or work only with CMF/Plone/CPS. Some larger applications/frameworks (ContentManagementSystems, Archetypes) are composed of several products and may come with their own installers or all-in-one downloads (Plone).

A few of the "zope products" below are general add-on packages which go somewhere other than the Product directory (APE, ZopeTestCase).

Partial product guide

Below are some products that people have written about. See also:



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