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An old (years back) attempt to get a handle on the world of zope, exploring a projects model proposed on the zope-web list. The idea was to get a handle on the chaotic zope world by viewing it as a large collection of projects, manageable chunks like debian packages or web pages.

Zope activity by "project"

users & power-users

zope website wiki list chat the Z Object Publishing Environment
zope-announce list general zope announcements
zope-cmf website list faq zope's Content Management Framework
zope-xml wiki list All things XML and Zope
zope-perl list Discuss support for the Perl programming language in Zope
zope-skins list Web design for Zope
zpt wiki list faq tracker Zope Presentation Templates
zope-db list Zope RDBMS Discussions
zope-mozilla list The Zope Mozilla Initiative
zdp website list faq the Zope Documentation Project
zope-it list Mailing list per gli utilizzatori italiani di Zope
zbpp list Zope Business Partner's Program
zope-corp website Zope Corporation


zope-dev website list collector general zope development
zope-checkins list Zope source code checkin notifications
zeo-checkins list ZEO CVS Checkin Notices
cmf-checkins list CMF Code Checkin Notifications
parsed-xml-dev wiki list Development discussion for the Parsed XML product.
zodb-dev wiki list Zope Object Database Development List
zip list Zope Internationalisation Project
zope-coders list People with Zope public CVS checkin privileges
zope-cvs list Public CVS Operations
zope-packagers list Discussion of Zope distributions
zope3-dev list wiki Zope3 development
zope-version-control wiki zope version control fishbowl project
web-services-for-zope wiki Web Services for Zope fishbowl project
api-documentation wiki API Documentation fishbowl project
dcoracle2 wiki DCOracle2? fishbowl project
core-session-tracking wiki Core Session Tracking fishbowl project
zeo-storage-replication wiki ZEO Storage Replication fishbowl project
zope-interfaces wiki Zope Interfaces fishbowl project
zope-template-utils wiki Zope Template Utilities fishbowl project content and tools

zope-web list the website(s)
zopeorg-checkins list development checkin notifications
fishbowl-notifications wiki fishbowl notification project
zopeorg-collaboration-enhancement wiki Collaboration Enhancement fishbowl project
new-zope-org website list collector a CMF-based replacement for
tracker-dev list Tracker development
coldev collector Collector development

on hold

skinnable-objects wiki Skinnable And Localizable Objects
hiperdom-templates wiki HiperDom Templates
zload wiki ZLoad
siteaccess-usability wiki Site Access Usability Enhancements


python21-support wiki
wikifornow wiki
doc-process wiki
stxng wiki
python-methods wiki
cache-manager wiki
declarative-security wiki
zcatalog-vhost-fix wiki
zmi-quick-fixes wiki
python2-migration wiki
write-locking wiki
new-collector wiki
cvs-migration wiki


zope-proposals wiki fishbowl project proposals
zope-glossary let's make a big one. Cf, ZopeGlossary? and all the rest.
zopeorg-search ongoing maintenance and improvement of search functionality on and around


A..Z! Hmm, there are 500. Start with areas of interest.

zope-products website all products, + zope releases & hotfixes
zwiki product wiki list faq tracker zwiki

products: internationalization

zope-products-i18n website the Internationalization products category
i18n-zclass product
internationalobjects product
iso88591-splitter product
japanese-splitter product Splitter for Japanese text
jsplitter product
l10nfmt product
localizer website sourceforge Localizer. No product page ?
redstx product
translator product
varytag product
visual-hebrew-arabic product
voodoo-splitter product
zbabel1 product
zbabel2 product
zope-unicode product
zzlocale product

products: testing

functionaltesting product wiki
zunit product sourceforge cvs

other projects

zopezen website
zopenewbies website faq zopenewbies weblog
zopefaqts faq faq
zope-dmoz website the open directory project zope page


We are *very* lucky to have Z2. It's good enough that we've had the luxury to take our time with Z3. This is a big deal. --Jim Fulton *

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