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Optional Equipment
Integral AM Radio/StereoSonic Tape System
1966 Thunderbird
America's Personal Luxury Car

New options for 1966 included:
AM Radio/StereoSonic Tape System
Highway Pilot Speed Control
428 V-8 Engine
6-Way Power Seats

The new AM Radio/StereoSonic Tape System featured two speakers in each door to surround occupants with the "living" sound of true stereo...
Although the Thunderbird provided many standard features, the options list was long:

Retracting Power Antenna
SelectAire Conditioner
Power Windows
Power Vent Windows
Highway Pilot Speed Control
Automatic Deck Lid Release
Single White Sidewall Tires
Red Band/White Sidewall Tires
Rear Fender Shields
and more...
Thunderbird's full-length console sweeps upward to meet the instrument panel
TOP PHOTO ABOVE LEFT: AM Radio/StereoSonic Tape System featured four speakers, two in each lower door panel. This unit delivered two channel stereo sound, and sounded quite good for the time. BOTTOM PHOTO ABOVE RIGHT: Thunderbird's console housed the majority of its controls. Included in photo above are many options, but what happened to the Emergency Flasher System control? The console pictured should be in a Conventional Hardtop, as it has a Rear Vent Control and the black textured finish on the console. The Power Window Controls further identify this as a Conventional Hardtop, as does the lack of a Power Top Control. This model should have had the Emergency Flasher System included as standard.
428 CID 345-HP V-8 ($64.30) New option for '66
SelectAire Conditioner ($412.90)
6-Way Power Driver's Seat ($96.62) New option for '66
6-Way Power Driver's and Passenger's Seats
     ($193.33) New option for '66
Power Windows (Includes Power Vent Windows
     on Town models)
Power Windows Including Vent Windows
     (Conventional Hardtop/Convertible) ($156.40)
Limited Slip Differential ($46.35)
Tinted Windshield and Windows ($41.79)
Highway Pilot Speed Control* ($128.72) New option
     for '66

Safety-Convenience Control Panel (Overhead
     Console Standard on Town models)
AM-FM Push Button Radio ($81.55)
AM Radio/StereoSonic Tape System ($127.56) New
     option for '66

Reclining Passenger Seat with Headrest ($43.83)
Leather Seat Upholstery (Includes Reclining Seat)
Two-Tone Paint ($25.07)
White Sidewall Tires ($42.93)
     (Late production price $42.86; also listed at
     $43.12 at various times during production)

White Sidewall Tires with Red Band ($51.98)
Rear Fender Shields ($32.70)
Rear Seat Speaker ($16.90)
StudioSonic Rear Seat Speaker ($53.50)
Deluxe Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off
     Hubs ($15.60)
Deluxe Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off
     Hubs and Rear Fender Shields ($51.12)
     (Reflects late production price increase)
Retracting Power Antenna ($29.60)
     (Late production price $28.76)
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer (Special Order)
Automatic Headlight Dimmer (Except Convertible)
Transistorized Ignition System (428 engine only)
Closed Crankcase Emission Control System ($5.30)
Exhaust Emission Control System ($49.45)
Heavy Duty 80-Ampere Battery (Standard with
     428 engine)
Extra Cooling Package ($7.90)
Heavy Duty Suspension ($28.60)
Right Exterior Manual Mirror ($6.95)
Chrome Deck Lid Luggage Rack ($32.44)
Retractable Rear Seat Belts ($7.10)
Door Edge Guards ($4.40)
Fuel Filler Door Edge Guard ($3.35)
License Plate Frame ($6.10)
License Plate Frames (Front and rear) ($9.79)
Contour Floor Mats ($15.25)
Body Side Molding ($34.80)
Special Order Paint ($34.70)
Highway Pilot Speed Control
Highway Pilot Speed Control included a unique steering wheel with set speed, resume, and retard functions on the spokes of the wheel, on-off switch on console. 7,402 cars were built with Highway Pilot in 1966.
Reclining Passenger Seat with Adjustable Headrest
Reclining Passenger Seat with Adjustable Headrest continued to be a popular option in 1966; passengers could nap and wake up refreshed upon arrival.
AM Radio with Integral StereoSonic Tape System
Thunderbird's new AM Radio with Integral StereoSonic Tape System was a new option for 1966. Pre-recorded four channel eight track tapes played over an hour of uninterrupted music through four speakers, two mounted at the bottom (one front, one rear) of each door panel. Metal color-keyed covers protected the speakers. A side-to-side fader control allowed true stereo sound to be adjusted for all occupants.
*Note: Some 1966 Thunderbird window stickers break down the Highway Pilot Speed Control as follows:

Highway Pilot Control $97.21
Unique Steering Wheel $32.44

To our knowledge, there were no speed control systems installed in 1966 without the unique steering wheel although the separate listings would seem to suggest so. It is possible Ford may have originally intended to carry over the 1965 style speed control as a less expensive alternative without the steering wheel controls, which would explain the two entries on the window sticker, but we've never documented one that left the factory that way.
Single Band White Sidewall Tires/Deluxe Wheel Cover with Simulated Knock-Off Hubs
Single Band White Sidewall Tires along with Deluxe Wheel Covers with Simulated Knock-Off Hubs (featuring a chrome Thunderbird emblem against a red background), really dressed up the exterior in 1966.
Ford Dealers offered a wide variety of Total Performance Accessories, just in case you forgot to order something. Some of these accessories are very rare...
(Prices do not include installation or tax)

Deluxe Wheel Cover
     (C6SZ 1130-B) ($40.00)
Rubber Floor Mats
     Front Twin (C4SZ 6313086) ($7.95)
     Rear Twin (C4SZ 6313106) ($4.96)
     Color Code Would Follow Part Number:
     22 Dark Blue
     23 Burgundy
     25 Red
     26 Black
     27 Aqua
     28 Ivy Gold
     B9 Parchment
     G6 White
Front License Plate Plaque
     (C5AZ 17388-A) ($1.50)
Body Side Molding
     (C4SZ 6321048-A) ($17.15)
Rear Fender Shield
     (C6SZ 6327964-A) ($28.75)
License Plate Frames
     (C4AZ 17A387-A) ($4.50/Pair)
Fuel Filler Door Edge Guard
     (C6SZ 9A128-A) ($2.40)
Locking Gas Cap
     (C4RZ 9030-B) ($3.20)
Door Edge Guards
     (C4SZ 6320910-A) ($3.45)
Ventilated Seat Cushion
     (C4SZ 19B501) ($4.95)
     Color Code Would Follow Part Number:
     A Charcoal
     B Blue
     C Green
     D Red
Engine Coolant Heater
     (C3RZ 8B152-B) ($15.50)
Right Hand Non-Remote Matching Mirror
     (C4SZ 17696-A) ($7.65)
Cigarette Lite-Lighter
     (C2RZ 15072-A) ($3.00)
     (C4RZ 19A548-A) ($7.95)
Vinyl Roof (Conventional and Town Hardtops)
     (C6SZ 6350005-A) Black
     (C6SZ 6350005-B) White ($69.50)
Litter Basket
     (C1AZ 19D504) ($2.45)
     Color Code Would Follow Part Number:
     A Black
     B Blue
     C Beige
     D Red
Tissue Dispenser
     (C3RZ 19A549-A) ($3.95)
Adjustable Clothes Rod
     (C4AZ 19D536-A) ($3.00)
Auto Vacuum
     (C5AZ 19E521-A) ($14.95)
Radiator Bug Screen
     (C5AZ 8198-A) ($1.95)
AM/FM Radio
     (C6SZ 18805-A) ($138.30)
Electric Antenna
     (C5SZ 18813-B) ($27.95)
StudioSonic Sound System
     (C6AZ 18875-A) ($27.95)
Two-Way Citizen's Band Radio
     (C5AZ 18805-E) ($179.50)
Two-Way Walkie-Talkie Radio
     (C5AZ 18805-F) ($119.50)
Rotunda Child's Rear Seat
     (C6AZ 19E535-A) ($29.95)
Reflector Flare Kit
     (C5AZ 19E500-A) ($11.20)
Tool Kit
     (B7A 17003-A) ($3.95)
Snow Grips
     (C5AZ 19F500-A) ($3.80)
Fire Extinguisher
     (C5AZ 19B540-A) ($27.50)
Dual Air Horns
     (C5AZ 13800-A) ($53.50)
     (C4AZ 17A326-A) ($60.00)
     (C4SZ 15313-A) (Left Hand only) ($29.95)
Child's Bucket Seat
Rubber Floor Mats
Rubber Floor Mats
(Available for either the front or rear, or both, and featured a contrasting Thunderbird emblem.)
Rotunda Locking Gas Cap
Rotunda Locking Gas Cap
Litter Basket
Litter Basket
(A combination Litter Basket/Tissue Dispenser was also available and is very, very rare.)
Tissue Dispenser
Tissue Dispenser

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