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Connect to your customers through their native digital wallet to increase sales and brand satisfaction. 

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Since 2015, DotDashPay has built digital wallet technologies that connect brands and consumers.  


Time + Geo triggers present digital passes at the perfect time & place to increase conversion.

Notifications and dynamic pass content updates make customers feel engaged and informed.

Dynamic Content

 Connected to Payments

Link customers to transactions at checkout creating opportunities to understand them and personalize their experiences.


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Smart Coupons are digital coupons with added features. They are update-able, location-aware, and create a direct connection with your customers.  They are 54% more effective than physical coupons. Best of all, they're easy to create!


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The Power and Intelligence of the Digital Wallet

Digital wallets are digital. Wallet content is automatically shown at the perfect moment, dynamically updated to provide value to consumers, and gets smarter over time thanks to machine learning.


Number of phones with 
digital wallets in 
the US.




Brands see an increase
of in-store sales with
 digital wallets.

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The Flavors of the Digital Wallet

Smart Coupons adapt to the customer. They present themselves at the right time and place with custom messages and dynamic offers.

Dynamic loyalty updates according to customer usage and creates an ongoing connection with them.

Digital event tickets are easy to issue, easy to scan, and give you a way to communicate to your customers before, during, and after any event.

Digital wallet payments tie all of the digital wallet passes back to a payment so you can understand your customers' buying personalities.

The digital wallet can contain a variety of different pass types. Each type has its own special qualities, but they all create an opportunity to connect to your customers.

What is the Native Digital Wallet?

Digital Wallets are convenient native applications on consumers' phones that digitize and store rewards cards, event tickets, boarding passes, and of course, credit cards.   

The cards living in the digital wallet provide a direct connection between consumers and brands via push notifications, geo-fenced alerts, and dynamic updates.

What is the DotDashPay Platform?

Our platform is a set of tools that help you create digital wallet experiences. Brands use our robust back-end infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and intuitive dashboards to connect more deeply with their customers.


Create passes of various types using our creation tool. Customize pass contents such as colors, text, and images.

Use manual or intelligent triggers to send messages to your customers at the right place and time OR update the passes for relevancy. 


Send passes to your customers using the methods that make the most sense for your business such as buttons, QR codes, NFC taps, and more.



Manage your passes and pass campaigns to gain insights about how best to leverage the digital wallet.

Web Dashboards

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