Cancer, the Crab, sprawls across the picture. The most promient part of the constellation is the distorted box near center that makes the asterism "the Manger," which encloses the obvious Beehive cluster. Also known as the Praesepe, or Manger, the cluster is guarded by the two Asses, Asellus Borealis to the left, Asellus Australis down and to the right. Immediately below the Beehive is bright Jupiter, which was moving through the constellation when the picture was taken. Al Tarf is at right center, above the ring of stars made by the head of Hydra, the Water Serpent, which is at lower right. Acubens is between Hydra's head and the Beehive, while Kappa is just below Acubens. The mulitple star Zeta Cne is the brighter of the pair toward upper right. At lower left is Epsilon Leonis, which lies at the west end of the Sickle of Leo.

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See Cancer from Bayer's Uranometria of 1603.

Cancer has a star with an orbiting PLANET.

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