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ATHENA OpticMin: Search common rock forming minerals from optical properties observed with the petrographic microscope ->.

Pierre Perroud, Susanne Theodora Schmidt, Annette Süssenberger

Added 2017: Ch. de Capitani Plagioclase calculation

Perroud Pierre, Schmidt Susanne T. (2018), OpticMin, un programme d'aide en ligne à l'utilisation du microscope polarisant, Le Cristallier suisse, No1/2018, pp. 32-39
Perroud Pierre, Schmidt Susanne T.
(2018), OpticMin - ein Suchprogramm mit Hilfe des Polarisationsmikroskops, Schweitzer Strahler, No1/2018, pp. 32-39

Perroud Pierre (2017), OpticMin – он-лайн программа помощи для работы с поляризационным микроскопом, Уральский геологический журнал, No 6/2017 (120), pp. 3-13

OpticMin poster
Announcement of Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2016.
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