New Maine Registration Data

On December 2, the Maine Secretary of State released new registration data. See it here. The state totals are: Democratic 399,135; Republican 315,907; independent 361,602; Green 45,578; Libertarian 254; People’s 41.

Percentages are: 35.56%; Republican 28.14%; independent and other 32.21%; Green 4.06%; Libertarian .02%; People’s .00+.

Percentages in November 2020 were: Democratic 35.68%; Republican 28.36%; independent and other 31.94%; Green 4.01%; Libertarian .00+.

The reason the Libertarian registration is so low is that the state converted all registered Libertarians to independents in early 2019.

The December 1, 2021 print issue of Ballot Access News has a registration chart showing the number of voters in each party, in each state. However that issue went to press before the new Maine data was available.


New Maine Registration Data — 12 Comments

  1. “The reason the Libertarian registration is so low is that the state converted all registered Republicans to independents in early 2019.”

    Believe you meant registered Libertarians to independents.

  2. The state of Maine converts minor party registered voters to registered independent voters when those parties fail to retain qualified status. That’s not how demo rep uses the term purge list. Demo Rep opposes state run party registration or party ballot qualification for anyone, and believes all candidates should run without party labels on the ballot.

    As demo rep uses the term purge list, he believes that state or federal governments will fall under one party rule of Democrats or Republicans, who will then use voter registration lists which list voters by party to round up and send those voters to gulags and death camps. Understandably, some other people find such suggestions to be over the top and absurd. Given how ugly things are getting between Democrats and Republicans, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the concern that it could indeed spiral out of control and get to that point, regardless of how far fetched it seems now.

  3. Nevertheless, Libertarian voters were effectively purged from the voter list in Maine, irrespective of how Demo Rep uses the term.

  4. WZ – their party status was purged from the list, a move demo rep favors. It was not used to round them up, purge them from society, and disappear them into concentration camps. Those are both a type of purge, but they’re very, very different, and not just by a matter of degrees.

  5. Only the party leaders will be sent to camps and purged, not everyone registered into the party. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough camps for tens of millions of enemies of the people.

  6. Russia and Germany before the Nazis and communists came to power didn’t either. Camps can be built.

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