U.S. Justice Department Files its Own Lawsuit Against Texas U.S. House and State House Districts

On December 6, the U.S. Department of Justice filed its own federal lawsuit against the new Texas U.S. House and State House district boundaries. There were already six or seven other lawsuits pending against the Texas redistricting plans. This one is U.S. v State of Texas, w.d., 3:21cv-299. Here is the Complaint.

Even if you don’t intend to read the Complaint, it is worthwhile to scroll through it to see some of the maps, especially the Dallas area U.S. House district maps on page 18.

The lawsuit charges Texas with violating section 2 of the federal voting rights act.


U.S. Justice Department Files its Own Lawsuit Against Texas U.S. House and State House Districts — 42 Comments

  1. No need to look again; I’ve already seen those maps plenty.

    That said, this is one small area where Status Quo Joe Manchin is right — national preclearance. (That said, many are unaware that, while it largely covered the South, old VRA preclearance also extended elsewhere, such as to portions of some states with high American Indian populations.)

    As for the legal time frame? Various injunctions back and forth will flow, but these will be the maps for 2022. We’ll see if DOJ wins something and forces re-redistricting for 2024.

  2. What a shock- Richard Winger siding with the commies again. Why not look at Maryland’s map?

  3. Why does the lawsuit refer to all non-Hispanic whites as Anglos? The Anglos are a specific tribe of whites who went to England. Not all whites are Anglos. While many whites in the USA have Anglo, or partial Anglo ancestry, there are also many whites with zero Anglo ancestry. Anglo does NOT mean white person. Anglo is a SPECIFIC tribe or ethnic group of white people.

    A Frenchman or a Swede or a Dutchman or a Pole or an Italian or a Russian are white, but are NOT Anglos, for just a few examples.

  4. Also, Hispanic is NOT a race. Hispanic means somebody from a Spanish speaking country. Hispanics can be white, or Amerindian, or Mestizo (mixed race), or black, or East Asian or Pacific Islander.

  5. 1965 VRA – UNCONST since day 1-

    1. so-called *preclearance*

    2. attempts to get positive RESULTS via the Negative in 15 Amdt-1

    ALL more steps on the now very short road to Civil WAR II –

    donkey commies vs fascist elephants

  6. “The Anglos are a specific tribe of whites who went to England.”

    No, those were the Angles. You can do a web search to find the various definitions and etymology of Anglo.

  7. The comments at 1:29, 1:48, and probably also 2:31 and 2:33 were posted by the same person.

  8. How do the various posters who claim someone here is someone else who may or may not be here think they know what they think they know? Why should anyone believe them? Or care?

  9. “Hispanic means somebody from a Spanish speaking country.”

    You can also look up the various definitions of Hispanic. It’s true that it is not a race, but it also doesn’t necessarily refer to nationality. Many people who were born in the US, and even people whose ancestors have been in what is now in the US longer than the US has existed as a country, are commonly considered to be Hispanics.

  10. The Anglos and the Saxons were Germanic tribes that settled in what is now called England. The Anglos and the Saxons did so much cross breeding that they became tied together as the Anglo-Saxons.

    While lots of Americans have some Anglo-Saxon ancestry, a lot do not. A person being white and speaking English does not make them an Anglo-Saxon, or a partial Anglo-Saxon.

  11. “Anglo” is another term like “Caucasian” that non-Whites like to throw around to reflect their own ignorance.

    Is it any wonder why the lowest IQ nations are all in Africa?

  12. It literally takes three seconds to look up that the Germanic tribe was Angles, not Anglos. Why does Andy keep insisting that Anglos means Angles? The only thing they have in common is that the name of the English language comes from the Angles. Anglos refers to what Spanish speakers call English speakers. Is this rocket brain surgery science?

  13. Many people are classified as both Hispanic and white, and many of them use the term Anglos. For that matter, many Anglos also use the term Anglos.

  14. Whites is itself a misnomer. There are no actual white people, except maybe a few Albinos. People typically called white are a lighter shade of brown than people who are called brown, black, etc. Actually black people are pretty rare too. Almost all are some shade of brown. As for Caucasian, I’d have to look it up, but I’m betting that referring to white people as Caucasian was started by white people.

  15. Mr. Andy is just triggered because his ignorance got pointed out. It’s okay Andy, better luck next time. For now, you can have a participation trophy, because you’re a very special little snowflake.

  16. Who? You’re obscure references are becoming more arcane than Demo Reps. All to try to avoid actually engaging any kind of argument. So so sad.

  17. race, color — in 15-1 Amdt (1869-1870) *thinking* —

    obviously modified from 14-2 Amdt.


    14-2, 15, 19, 24, 26 AMDTS

  18. Your identity politics are so worn out they’re threadbare. It’s clear that you have nothing except imaginary ad hominem. You sound like a grown man sitting at home playing with action figures in his dollar store super hero outfit, bought on sale just after Halloween. For someone named Andy, you’re just not very bright, clever, or original at all.

  19. You sound like you stick purple dildos up your anus and watch Sideshow Bart anally molest Bart in Simpson’s porn.

  20. Some of the district boundaries shown on the maps would be extremely difficult to administer for the elections officials as well as the voters trying to determine which district they were in.

  21. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2021/12/06/justice-department-sues-texas-over-new-redistricting-maps/6405806001/

    Justice Department sues Texas over new redistricting maps

    The Detroit News — 6 DEC 2021

    Austin, Texas – The Justice Department sued Texas on Monday over its new redistricting maps, saying the plans discriminate against minority voters, particularly Latinos, who have fueled the state’s population boom.
    Is *anglo* or *latino* a race or color in the 15th Amdt ???

    ONLY 5 of 9 SCOTUS hacks know for sure ???

  22. The Angles and the Anglos were the SAME people.

    So a black person or an East Asian person who takes a DNA test, which comes back showing them having ZERO Anglo-Saxon ancestry, but who speaks English, is am Anglo? That’s absurd, and I have never heard the term Anglo used in that manner.

    Although, the majority of black people in the USA have some white ancestry, and most of that ancestry is English, Scottish, Irish, or French, but some could be Dutch or German or something else. So there likely are a lot of black Americans who carry partial Anglo-Saxon DNA (as in from England).

  23. “Whites is itself a misnomer.”

    This sounds like a Paul comment.

    “There are no actual white people, except maybe a few Albinos.”

    Yes, and black people are not really black, unless you count their hair. White people aren’t really white, and black people aren’t really black.

  24. Hispanic or Latino is not a race. A Brazilian is Latino but not Hispanic, because Brazil was founded by Portugal, and they speak Portuguese, not Spanish.

    This is why US Census forms say, “Hispanic or Latino of any race.”

  25. Why HISpanic and not HERpanic? Sounds a little sexiest to me.

  26. Mr. Andy, you have some weird fantasies. It’s not surprising that they are about cartoons.

    Demo Rep, minority does not have to mean race or color. There can be cultural, ethnic, linguistic, gender/sex, religious, and other minorities. As applied in the selection you quoted, it refers to any minority that has a persistent history of being discriminated against based on whatever its identifying characteristic is.

    Mr. Andy, latinx is a recently invented term which does not make sense in Spanish, English, Latin, or any other language I know of. While there are some people who do prefer it, and I have no problem calling them that if that’s what they like, the vast majority of the people described by that term whom I’ve asked think it’s silly, and from everything I’ve heard and read, other people’s experience with using it outside ideological echo chambers (mirror images of the one your bullying troll tactics seek to establish here) have met with similar response.

    Mr. Andy, Anglos and Angles were not the same people. There was no term Anglos at that time. Angles evolved into Anglo-Saxons, then English people. After English, French and Spanish people all settled in North America, the term Anglos came to be used by primarily Spanish and French speaking people to refer to primarily English speaking people. It is, in fact, often applied to black people, too.
    If you’re genuinely curious about this and not just trying to sound like you know things, search engines, wiki, dictionaries, etc, could all be your friend. The information isn’t hard to find these days.

    I don’t know what a “Paul comment” is, but the observation that “white” people are not literally white and “black” people are almost never actually black is not even close to new or unique. Many people have noticed the same thing, including, apparently, you.

    Mr. Andy, “Hispanic” has nothing to do with his or her. You can easily find the etymology with a few clicks, so I won’t do it for you, especially since it’s pretty obvious you are just parodying politically correct terminology. You are correct, that terminology can get very absurd. That doesn’t erase the ugly history of cultural bigotry and discrimination, including against Hispanics, that these lawsuits allege is being perpetuated by these new district maps.

  27. Did the ZOG murder Bob Dole for being a Trump supporter? A very suspicious death.

  28. 80 years after 7 Dec 1941.

    More killer lawless tyrants and their slave regimes than ever ???

    Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea, etc.

  29. I think he means Jed Zeigler, someone whose real name was Jeremy something who had a Twitter he always linked to that was full of gay porn images. He had an unhealthy obsession with the wrestler Dolph Zeigler.

  30. Well now, with a mega celebrity like that, it’s a wonder how anyone could have failed to get that reference.

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