Texas Libertarian Party Asks U.S. District Court to Enjoin Filing Fees for Convention Parties

On January 14, the Texas Libertarian Party asked a U.S. District Court to enjoin the need for filing fees as applied to parties that nominate by convention. Bilyeu v Scott, w.d., 1:21cv-01089. Here is the 21-page brief.


Texas Libertarian Party Asks U.S. District Court to Enjoin Filing Fees for Convention Parties — 16 Comments

  1. If you are in favor of freedom, what good is having the LP around? Given their non-reaction to the lockdowns, mandates, and vax orders, is it time to ask if the party is relevant any longer?

    This is the party whose members at one time advocated that people commit a felony by not registering for the military draft. This is the party whose members at one time defiantly smoked (then illegal)pot in front of police officers.

    It truly is a shame what has happened to the Libertarians.

  2. The Libertarian Party has been the leading force for improving the ballot access laws. Libertarian legislative lobbying has worked in over half the states. That is why the median vote test for a party to remain ballot-qualified has dropped from 5% in 1976, to 2% today.

  3. That only mattered when Republicans sucked, and conservative third parties like the Libertarians, Constitutional party, and American Freedom Party were good. Now the GOP is much better, the libertarians sold out to the loony left, the Constitutionalists and Freedom Party went way downhill. So now it’s much more important to get the rest of the rhinos out of the GOP and get Trump back into the office that was stolen from him by the Chinese Communists and their godless Democrat puppets.

  4. The Lp has been a joke MA is banning people for signing recall petitions. Bilyeu is about as corrupt as you can get.

  5. They need a clean sweep thus year at the national convention.put in all 100% Mises people.

  6. I agree, we need to make the LP right wing again. They have really gone down hill since the days of terrific candidate’s like Augustus Invictus and David Macko. These days they are so terrible that even there biggest and best activists of past decades such as the legendary Eric Dondero don’t claim them anymore.

  7. What if the Libertarian Party is trending “left”, whatever that means? If so, they will mainly draw votes from Democrats, the way they did in 2016.

  8. Then that means they are worthless just like the Femocrats. Except maybe in splitting the leftist vote, which might be ok. But no conservative independent should be fooled, and some might be because they used to be a Much better party.

  9. Frankly, I don’t think Trump can win in 2024 without a strong third party candidate in the mix, no matter how much the Republicans tinker with state election laws.

  10. He’ll win easily in the most massive landslide ever, which will be way too huge for democrats and their Chinese Communist puppetmasters to cheat their way out of.

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