The Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Hanford, California, are Registered Libertarians

Hanford, California, is a city of almost 60,000. It is the county seat of Kings County, in the San Joaquin Valley. In the last city election, a registered Libertarian, Kalish Morrow, was elected to the five-person city council. Afterwards, the Mayor, Francisco Ramirez, also switched his voter registration to Libertarian. See this article about Morrow.


The Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Hanford, California, are Registered Libertarians — 15 Comments

  1. All of the city and county offices in California are officially non-partisan, as in they do not print party labels on the ballot for these offices. They only print party labels on the ballot for state and federal offices.

  2. That is very good news. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success to Kalish Morrow and Francisco Ramirez!

  3. WOW! More Libertarians on a no-name city, city council! WAKE ME when one of them actually GETS ELECTED TO PARTISAN OFFICE IN CA! You know, either house of the state legislature, or a “statewide” office, or maybe U.S. House or Senate. Until then, the Libertarian Party of CA is wasting its time, and like all third parties, proving to be a WASTE OF BALLOT SPACE !

  4. SUDCCIV, in the U.S., minor parties can change policy even without electing anyone to partisan office. The Prohibition Party tilted the outcome of two presidential elections away from the Republican Party, in 1884 and 1916. After the 1884 election, Republicans burned the Prohibition Party presidential candidate in effigy, or hung him in effigy, all across the north. But after the 1916 election, the Republican Party in congress decided it was sick of losing presidential elections over the prohibition issue that it passed the 18th amendment in congress. The amendment had been sitting in congress since 1875 and had never made any headway, but in 1917 it passed congress. It needed two-thirds, like any amendment, and with the help of southern Democrats and most Republicans, it finally made it.

  5. It’s the county seat of a county with over 150,000 people. And it has the a bigger population than the biggest cities of the smallest population states.

  6. The only state I can think of whose largest city has less people than Hanford, CA is Vermont, whose largest city is Burlington.

    Cheyenne, Wyoming and Charleston, West Virginia are about the same size as Hanford.

  7. Burlington VT, Cheyenne Wyoming and Charleston WV are slightly smaller. Portland ME and Wilmington DE are slightly larger.

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