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  1. It will be on June 25, 2022 that the write-in can file for the special general election. There is no direct cost. The election will be on August 16, 2022. WRITE-IN CANDIDATES will need to be an inhabitant of Alaska on that date. They do not have to register to vote in Alaska just be present in Alaska on that date.
    WRITE-IN votes will be counted if all WRITE-IN total no less than 1/2 a % of the vote for the candidates in first rank of the five rank choices.


    Anchorage Daily News, Alaska
    Alaska Supreme Court reverses lower court decision, allowing certification of U.S. House special primary results

    Iris Samuels, Anchorage Daily News, Alaska
    Sun, June 12, 2022, 12:01 AM

    Jun. 12—The Alaska Supreme Court on Saturday reversed a lower court ruling that would have delayed the certification of U.S. House primary election results until visually impaired voters were given “a full and fair opportunity to vote independently, secretly and privately.”
    The state appealed the Superior Court’s decision to the Alaska Supreme Court soon after the lower court ruled in favor of a request from the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights to ensure visually impaired voters are given adequate voting access.

  3. One question is how many of the 44 candidates that did not make the cut got will continue as WRITE-IN on the Election for 16 August 2022.

  4. Another question is how the Alaska Election Division will deal with electors
    that list the same candidate for more than one rank choice. Will that be an overvote?


    note the BIG red X items — due to ILLEGAL votes.

    Any data on ILLEGAL votes in prior RCV elections ???
    PR vote 1 — CANDIDATE pre-election rank order lists
    exec/judic Approval – vote 1 or more
    Both pending Condorcet = RCV done right.

  6. AZ,

    ALASKA is not San Francisco. Voting the same on two ranks for same candidate should be an over vote. If an AK electors wants to for than one write-in candidate on August 16, 2022, that elector needs additional baot lines for voting their rank choices beyond one.


    That is a blast from the past. You have a good memory. The last meeting was at the Dimond Center in Anchorage with Parnell.

  8. Folks can try and get the Fed courts to clarify 14-2 amdt about write-in votes —

    lots of write-in votes in 1866-1868 ???

    14-2 amdt — what fraction would cause a state to lose a Rep and 1 EC vote ???

    N = Number of USA reps

    100 pct votes / N ???
    50 pct votes / N plus 1 vote ???
    Other ???


    The birther issues with McCain in 2008 was leading to get Palin as POTUS. JOHN MCCAIN was born out of wedlock in the Republic of Panama, because his parents had a sham wedding in TJ. If he won over Obana, Palin would be seated as POTUS.

  10. AZ,

    WRITE-IN get counted only if the total ballots including a total of write-in votes not less than 1/2 a % from the total that the highest vote receive by the highest vote count candidate on the
    ranking of the rank choices. What does that have to do with the 14th Amendment?

  11. For the specified offices [repeat – for the specified offices] in 14-2 Amdt —-

    NOT having elections for UN-opposed candidates in primaries and general elections

    and/or NOT permitting write-in votes or counting ALL write-in votes

    is a blatant violation of 14-2 Amdt — ***denied*** / ***abridged***.

    Candidates may die or be disqualified at any time in the election process.

    More and more left/right party hacks being chosen with NOOO primary elections and/or general elections for 14-2 Amdt specified offices.

    14-2 Amdt – indirect *negative* method to have UNIVERSAL adult 21 male USA citizen voters in ALL States in 1866-1868 and up to now —

    or have a State lose USA Reps and EC votes depending on fractional math in such State — which may include write-in votes.

  12. Natural born citizen – kid has a USA Citizen father [natural born or naturalized] the second the kid is born.

    Place of birth does NOT matter.

    Media and SCOTUS hacks brain dead on question.

    Ie a USA Prez NOT to have ANY foreign regime ALLEGIANCE connection.

  13. AZ,

    Are you saying that not counting the write in vote unless there is a total of write in votes no less than 1/2 of a % of the highest vote received by one of the top four candidates of the 48 candidates that moved to the Special General Election for August 16, 2022 from the primary of June 11, 2022, is a violation of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution?

  14. AZ,

    JOHN McCain was born in the Republic of Panama. The Republic of Pamama is a foreign county at the time, but within the jurisdiction of the United States. It was covered by the US Circuit Court in
    New Orleans.

  15. @MS,

    14-2 is the apportionment clause of 14th Amendment which says that representation in the House should be reduced in proportion to the share of the population (male citixens over 21) whose right to vote is abridged or infringed.

    Demo Rep (az) believes the right to vote is abridged if write-in votes are not permitted or counted.

  16. The Alaska statute permits use of numerals for those not inclined to use bubbles.

    I wonder if a voter could rank multiple write-in candidates.

  17. If Alaska used an N/(N+1) system to determine who advances, then the Top 10 would advance. These 10 collectively receive 91.03% of the vote, which is greater than 10/11. If there was aprovision for the trailing candidates to coalesce their votes, an additional three candidates could qualify.

  18. @AB,

    Alaska distinguishes between

    UNDeclared. I’m not stating who I support.
    NONpartisan, I’m not a partisan.

    At one time nonpartisans and undeclared were about equal, but undeclared has surged ahead. If you register and don’t check a box you are undeclared. Previously there were voters who considered themselves actively independent and would choose nonpartisan.

    Alaska distinguishes between political parties and political groups based on vote support/registration, but political groups are included on registration forms. Candidates affiliated with a political group may have that affiliation appear on the ballot. Currently, the Libertarian Party is a political group, and so the two Libertarians on the ballot were affiliated with a political group.

    You will note Robert Ornelas has a blank next to his name. The federal constitution only requires a representative to be resident in a state on election day, but the Alaska statute permits a candidate to have the affiliation listed on their voter registation. Ornelas is from California and is registered with the American Independent party. The ballot listed his affiliation as “Am. Indep. Party” It is possible the computer program posting the results does not know how to handle this.

  19. I concur with Justice JR.
    Filing a vacancy is a totally separate matter.

    Have candidate/incumbent replacement lists

    >>> NOOO more special vacancy elections.

    Having ONE regular election day is now a crisis enough each 1 or 2 years.

  20. Jim Riley,

    Both Robert Ornelas (former Chairman of American Independent Party of California)
    & Ernest Thomas (D) informed me they will
    file on the opening write-in date of June 25, 2022.

    I expect others will do the same.

    It is being an inhabitant of Alaska and not a resident of Alaska. The date is August 16, 2022. ORNELAS as of now only
    plans to be an inhabitant of Alaska.

    There is a legal distinction between inhabitant and resident.

    Since last names are only required on write in candidates to count in Alaska, are you stating that the last names of each in the one current write in line is to be proceeded by numbers up to five in one is voting for persons other than the top four out of the 48 during the election of June 11, 2022?

  21. JIM Riley,

    The blank next to the name of Dr. Ornelas is only on the count sheet. On the ballot it was “Am. Indep. Party”. In fact of the 48 candidates his had the only name that stated “Party”.

  22. Latest News.

    Spoke with Brian Jackson, there will be only one write-in line on the August 16, 2022 ballot. Only one write-in name can be on that line. I now agree the August 16, 2022 election does not give the other
    WRITE-IN names beyond one. So the election is flawed.

  23. @AB,

    Note that a candidate who is affiliated with a political party or political group, may choose to be shown as Undeclared or Nonpartisan on the ballot.

  24. @MS,

    See AS 15.25.105(a)

    A write-in candidate is a “candidate” in a general election. Note that Proposition 2 explicitly amended AS 15.25.105(a)(4) to make party affiliation the same as on-ballot candidates.

    AS 15.15.030(17)

    A ballot must permit a voter to mark candidates (plural) in order of preference, and mark as many choices as the voter wishes. The voter may wish to rank multiple write-in candidates.

    AS 15.13.110(f)(3) A person who campaigns as

  25. @MS,

    A close reading of AS 15.15.360(a)(1) is that the numerals be placed within the ovals. It is not clear to me what “clearly spaced in the oval” means. I suppose 15.15.360(a)(4) clarifies. You don’t have to make the numeral tiny enough to fit inside the oval but avoid scribbling into other lines.

  26. Jim Riley,

    As of now I am receiving 100% of the candidates not droping out of the August 16 election in Alaska in ranks of 5 to 48.
    Because Brian Jackson view that only one write-in will be allow on the August 16, 2022 ballot. It seems to me that the electors if only one choice will need to vote for rank either 3 or 4.

  27. @MS,

    This is a press release about the regulations implementing Ballot Measure 2, including the write-in provisions. It is the first item.

    The public comment period ended October 19, 2019. It is likely to get additional lines would require convincing the Division of Elections to re-opening the regulatory process, or a lawsuit.

    I think the conditions for counting write-in votes is wrong. Let’s assume all write-in votes were a single candidate, we will call him Wayne Wright. If Mr. Wright received more votes than another candidate then that other candidate would be eliminated with possible transfers to Mr. Wright.

    But if the write-in votes were split between candidates, then some or all of those candidates might be eliminatex first which could change the order of elimination.

    p.s. What is the difference between inhabitant and resident?

    p.p.s. Why were the senate districts renumbered (relettered)?





  29. You fucking retard, it’s 54 in Anchorage as I type this. Maybe the permafrost is in your skull.

  30. Since the posting link to the summary last Sunday the Alaska Elections Division made update with the counts but have not posted a change in % of the vote cast. NOTE: Sunday Wednesday

    SP. 32,371. 37,741
    NB. 20,997. 25,776
    AG. 13,563. 17,037
    MP. 8,101. 11,863
    TS. 5,712. 7,484

    Both give same % of total vote.

    SP = 29.77%
    NG = 19.31%
    AG = 12.47%
    MP = 7.45%
    TS = 5.25%

    The vote count changed put not the percentage.

  31. @MS,

    The final results are expected on June 21. Palin’s percentage has dropped a bit, but this may be an artifact of where the later votes are from. It would be reasonable to expect votes to come in faster to Anchorage and Wasilla, and slower to Nome, Fairbanks, and Juneau.

    Since percentages for Mary Peltola and Tara Sweeny have been creeping upward this would indicate more of a Bush vote. Also the percentage of most trailing candidates has been dropping. Rural voters may be more consevative and not vote for Randy Random.

  32. Jim Riley,

    Mary is the only native in the top four. She is followed by native Tara in now 5th place.

  33. At my request the Election Division has corrected there percentage error. SP went down in percentage, but still in first place.

  34. The corrected percentage changed to the following:

    SP = 28.19% down from 29.77%
    NB = 19.24% down from 19.31%
    AG = 12.73% up from 12.47%
    MP = 8.86% up from 7.45%
    TS = 5.84% up from 5.25%

    CONSTANT WILL WITHDRAW FROM THE August 16th primary and endorse MP. That was bad news for AG.

  35. Jim Riley,

    In your 10:43 post on June 15, 2022, you asked the difference between “inhabitant”
    and “resident”?

    It was on August 8, 1787, that Roger Sherman moved to strike the word “resident” and substitute “inhabitant” in the Committee of Detail, because the term
    “Resident” was more restrictive than “Inhabitant”. Then Madison second that striking.

    There is a difference. One has to be in the State on Election Day, but does not have a resident in that state.

  36. I don’t understand that as meaning presence, but rather a longer connection. Madison said that ‘inhabitant’, “would not exclude persons absent occasionally, for a considerable time, on public or private business.”

    Elliot’s Debates, Volume 5, Page 389

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