Links of Interest

Electoral Vote Map
An easy-to-use, interactive electoral vote map for tracking the U.S. presidential election. The site includes explainers and history of the electoral college as well as historical election results.

Political Wire
A daily roundup of the most important political news headlines and other items of interest. A members-only section features exclusive analysis, a 24/7 trending news aggregator and other bonus content.

Political Dictionary
The words and terms used in politics and elections along with definitions and historical context.

Political Job Hunt
An up-to-date listing of political and public affairs job openings, along with a blog of job hunting tips.

Project Vote-Smart
Project Vote Smart is a citizens’ organization dedicated to serving all Americans with accurate and unbiased information for electoral decision-making. It was inaugurated in 1992 by former US Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and other leaders. Its webpage offers information about all ballot-listed candidates for all federal and state office.

The ACE Project
An interesting site concerning itself with the “Administration and Cost of Elections”, including issues of fairness and regulatory approaches in various countries. They seem to be almost blind to the ways that third parties in the USA are harmed by campaign finance rules crafted for the problems characteristic of the larger parties, or the ways that third parties would be disenfranchised by various proposed rules, but this is nevertheless a useful resource, particularly for the international comparisons it makes.

“Unofficial” B.A.N. Page
At first, it looks like there’s not much here. But then you follow the “Charts” link, and click on one of the listed candidates, and you’ll get some truly wonderful nationwide maps of voting patterns.

Third Party Central
Collects lots of good information and links relating to various third parties into one convenient location. Nice set of writings on why one should vote third-party.

Green That Life
A guide to living a sustainable lifestyle and how to take action and get involved in the political system.

Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
A surprisingly complete listing of votes cast in Presidential elections, including numerous third-party candidates and nice maps of vote distribution by state and (on the individual state pages) by county.

Center for Voting and Democracy
Folks concerned with alternative voting systems, and related issues, from a moderately leftist perspective. Useful articles describing how better systems of voting and electing actually work.