Law, justice and safety

Consumer protection

Buying from a direct seller: your rights

Your rights when buying from a direct seller, like telemarketers, door-to-door salespeople and home party hosts.

Collection agencies: your rights

Rules that collection agencies must follow when they contact you to collect money that you owe.

Condominium dispute resolution

How to handle condominium disputes between condominium unit owners, tenants or condominium corporations.

Condominium owners: your rights and responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities as a condominium owner.

Consumer loans: your rights

Your rights when you get a consumer loan.

Consumer rights

Your rights as a consumer and how you’re protected under the Consumer Protection Act.

Credit reports: your rights

Rules credit bureaus must follow when collecting and distributing consumer credit information.

Funeral expenses: your rights

Protections that are in place around costs when you buy funeral services or goods.

Make a complaint about a business

Make a complaint about a business licensed by the Department of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services if you feel you’ve been treated unfairly by a business and the problem isn’t resolved.

Mortgage brokers and lenders: your rights

Your rights when dealing with a mortgage broker or mortgage lender.

Payday loans: your rights

How you’re protected when you get a payday loan.

Pre-arranged funeral and pre-need cemetery plans: your rights

Your rights when buying pre-arranged funeral and pre-need cemetery plans from funeral homes and cemeteries.

Pre-arranged funeral plans: guide for consumers

Protections when you buy a pre-arranged funeral plan to make sure you get the goods and services you’ve paid for.


911 emergency: when to call

Call 911 if your health, safety or property is threatened and you need help right away.

911 notification forms for fire departments

Collection of forms fire departments need to use to notify 911 when they make changes that affect emergency response.

Community event emergency response planning: guide for municipal emergency managers and event planners

Tools and strategies that emergency managers and event planners need to plan for an emergency.

State of emergency: coronavirus (COVID-19)

A state of emergency is in effect to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

State of local emergency: forms and documents

Collection of forms and documents municipalities need when declaring, renewing or ending a state of local emergency.

Public safety

Office of the Fire Marshal: forms and licences

Collection of forms that fire departments, insurance companies and fire extinguisher servicing companies need to use for fire reporting and fire extinguisher licences.


Disciplinary action notices for liquor and gaming licence holders

List of liquor and gaming licence holders that received disciplinary action notices from the Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division.

Enforcement action notices for cemeteries and funeral homes

List of cemeteries and funeral homes that received enforcement action notices from the Business Licensing Division.

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