Reps, let others know when you are unavailable

William Reynolds


As Reps who are doing many things, we sometimes need a break from our activities. To make it easy to communicate those breaks, you can quickly complete a form to update your profile and let your mentor know when you will be unavailable for a few weeks or more.

When you want to start your unavailability period, submit a break notification. You can navigate to the form from the Settings page when you are signed in on


Once you submit a break notification

  • Your mentor receives an email notification that you will be unavailable
  • Your profile is updated to show you are unavailable until the date you provided
  • The Dashboard page for your mentor and other Mozillians shows you as unavailable
  • You and your mentor will receive an email reminder the day before you specified you would be available again

At the end of your unavailability period, you will need to indicate that you are ready to resume your activities. The reminder email will prompt you to visit the Settings page to confirm you are ready to resume your Reps activities. If you need more time, no action is needed. Just return to the Settings page when you are ready and click ‘Resume your activities’.

reps-profile-unavailableThis feature is a result of the planning that happened at the Reps Leadership Meetup in February. Thanks to everyone who helped from the conception to coding to release!

If you find any issues or odd behavior while using this new functionality, file a bug and we’ll take a look at it.

Rep Of The Month : May 2014 – Nino Vranešič

Brian King


NinoWhen Nino joined the Mozilla community, he didn’t spend much time talking, asking questions and thinking about how he could start contributing. Instead, he already applied for Mozilla Student Reps (today known as Firefox Student Ambassadors) and started acting by organising a local Open Source conference, with strong presence from Mozilla.

Passionate about free and open technologies, Nino continues to be the driving force behind the event (Open Way), which is growing every year and has just completed its 4th incarnation. As the main community builder of the Mozilla Slovenija community, he made sure the New Firefox release party was part of the conference, too.

Nino is a kind of a person you want on your team: he gets things done.

Mozillians Profile.

Nino’s Blog.

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New Council Members and Mentors

Brian King


We are happy to announce that three new members of the Council have been elected. Welcome Emma Irwin, Gauthamraj Elango, and Arturo Martinez! They bring with them skills they have picked up and Reps mentors, and as community builders both inside Mozilla and in other fields. A HUGE thank you to the outgoing council members – Ioana Chiorean, Bob Reyes, and Melek Jebnoun. We are hoping you continue to use your talents and experience to continue in a leadership role in Reps and Mozilla.

Council April 2014

Current Council Members

The Mozilla Reps Council is the governing body of the Mozilla Reps Program. It provides the general vision of the program and oversees day-to-day operations globally. Currently, 7 volunteers and 2 paid staff sit on the council. Find out more on the ReMo wiki.

Another crucial role in Mozilla Reps is that of a mentor. We strive for every Rep to become a mentor for the program to become self-sustaining and for Reps to play a central role in our ambitious goals for growing and enabling the Mozilla Community. We’ve just accepted nine new mentors, bring the current total to 49. Our new mentors are:

Mentors, together with the Council members, are the backbone of the Mozilla Reps program. They make sure things run smoothly, they ensure that Reps are supported and have what they need to be impactful in their region. Last but not least, together with Council members, they help plan and pave the way forward to ensure that the program keeps getting better while staying true to the Mozilla mission.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch us – Reps, Mentors, Council members – to find out more and ask if we can help in any way.