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Support for the Firefox web browser.

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Support for Thunderbird email client.

Inappropriate uses of Bugzilla

Inappropriate use of this service will result in your account being banned and your institution blocked.

  • Creating bugs as part of a school assignment.
  • Trying out Bugzilla to see if it suits your needs or testing out some part of Bugzilla for proper functionality.

Instead, go to bugzilla-dev.allizom.org, and log in using a GitHub account.

Note: You can also set up your own instance of Bugzilla for evaluation or classroom training by following the
directions on our project repository.

I want to help

Great! There are a few things to know and do:

  1. Please read our Bug Writing Guidelines.
  2. Bugzilla is a public place. Your comments and other activities on bugs will generally be publicly visible, and your email address will be accessible through public APIs and will be visible to all logged-in users of Bugzilla. Some people use an alternative email address for this reason. See Mozilla's Websites, Communications & Cookies Privacy Notice for more information on our privacy policies.
  3. When using Bugzilla to submit patches, comments, code, and any other content, you agree to our policies on open source licensing and content submission. See Mozilla’s Websites and Communications Terms of Use for more information.
  4. You understand that your conduct on this site is subject to both Bugzilla Etiquette, and the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines. By creating an account, you agree to abide by them.
  5. Please give us an email address you want to use. Once we confirm that it works, you'll be asked to set a password and then you can start filing bugs and helping fix them.

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