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Distribute your advertisements and banners by type of profile or market segment
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Linework content can be sponsored as well as internal messaging or your job offers
Linework Ads allows you an integrated management of your advertisements and advertisements.
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Easily drop and drag your advertising content with our tool.
Our campaigns are easily adaptable on all devices.
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linework ads is clean, modern and very easy to use


Linework is 200,000+ users running every day, a global community in more than 13 countries 1 million hits per day


satisfied customers

Linework is a distributed blog space attached to the professional profile and referenced on Google, visibility and visual identity guaranteed


Transaction / day

Linework is more than 1269 transactions per day and visibility on more than 200,000 profiles


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First Social Network in the world dedicated to craftsmen and small businesses of all categories including a KYC!

Post your advertising on a 4.0 social network, accessible, functional and fun. An intuitive graphical interface for anyone without constraints or special knowledge.

Our Team

The Linework’s team is ready to define your needs and your webmarketing strategy worldwide !

Noel Damien FOTI
Chief Executive Officer
CEO at Linework | co-founder
Nicolas Lienard
Chief Blockchain Officer
CBO at Linework | co-founder
Benoît FOTI
General Manager & Founder
Founder & General Manager at Linework | Founder
Eric Bonafini
Chief Financial Offcier
Chief Financial Officer & Business Dev.






Linework allows you to develop your business. You are a craftsman or craftsman, a small trader or an independent, make yourself known in a few clicks on the entire global Linework community in a transversal manner and without territorial borders. No need to be friends or be a link on Linework to trade, exchange or develop its customers or partners: Linework allows you to have access to the whole community on the community thread instantly. Having a page on Linework means being exposed worldwide, being referenced and having access to a panel of free advertising tools, sharing and a private blog attached to your profile environment and to have access to online stores. Come and do the Linework adventure, change your lifestyle, trade and craft. Experience Linework.

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International Chamber Commerce : Linework signed huge contract for +50,000 btc

International Chamber Commerce : Linework signed huge contract for +50,000 btc

As of October 15, Linework signs a major contract of over 50,000 btc with the international organization of chambers of…

Pakistan : Linework signed an agreement  with an oil operator…

Pakistan : Linework signed an agreement with an oil operator…

As of, Noel Damien Foti, Chief Executive Officer, signs an agreement to transfer Wllet BTC of over 17,000 BTC with…



Testimonials from our customers, satisfaction is essential at Linework!

Linework allowed me to highlight my clothing design book and boost my activity at a lower cost
Linework has enabled us to offer integrated services to artisans and to economically strengthen this market segment.
Noel Damien
As General Manager of Linework, I am proud to have been able to support the craft sector to which I was part!
I love linework, I use it everyday to chat with my colleges and partners. it's a really handy tool.

About Linework

Linework is an innovative social network platform that imposes itself in cyberspace to allow small craft and commercial businesses to develop their visual identity and visibility in cyberspace and to create a real international business allowing them to both to make yourself known at a lower cost and boost your sales in 3 clicks. Linework is the 4.0 social network present in nearly 40 countries.

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