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From its inception in 1897, The Japan Times has been Japan's premier English-language daily newspaper, providing comprehensive coverage of world and domestic news, business and politics. Additionally, with the largest classified ad sections of any English-language daily in Japan, The Japan Times offers its readers the biggest and best opportunities for finding the right job, residence, product or service.

English daily
20-24 pages
3,900 yen per month (150 yen per issue)

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About deliverly
Asahi Newspaper Company distributes our papers and collects subscription fees, except in certain areas of Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures, which are covered by Chunichi Newspaper Company. When new subscriptions are accepted during Golden Week and other holiday periods, there may be cases in which our newpaper delivery is delayed. Thank you for your understanding.
The subscription fee for The Japan Times is 3,900 yen per month. For subscriptions that begin after the first of the month, fees are based on a daily rate of 150 yen per issue.
For subscriptions longer than three months, you can apply for an automatic bank transfer account. For details, please ask the delivery agency in your area.
Address changes and deliverly suspension
When you move, or need to suspend your delivery for any reason, please contact us or your agency as soon as possible.
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