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Welcome to the Codex Community Portal. This is the right place to start if you are wondering what the Codex is, and how to help with the documentation project of WordPress. No help is too small. Your effort counts!

Various pages of interest are available here to jumpstart your life as a WP doc volunteer.

Codex 란 결국 무엇인가 ?

Codex 는 워드프레스를 문서화하는데 사용하는 위키입니다. Visit About Codex to know more about what the Codex is, and what its goals are.

어떻게 Codex 에 기여할 수 있나요?

Pay a visit to How to Contribute to start contributing to the WordPress documentation effort.

나도 워드프레스에 도움을 줄 수 있을까요?

Contributing to WordPress guides you through the things you can do, besides writing documentation, to contribute to the project at large.

따라야할 가이드라인이 있나요?

Sure there are. Please read the Codex Guidelines before you start contributing.

책임자는 누군가요?

The Codex Effort is guided by its 26 Admins. The Task List identifies who is working on what projects and offers a list of things that need to be done on the Codex, too. Leave a message on the User Talk page of any of the admins if you need help, or direction. You can also join the wp-docs mailing list and send a message to the list in case you have any questions. The admins are benevolent, and will help and mentor you, if you need that.

If you need to contact anyone within the WordPress Administration, visit their WordPress Contact page.

최근에 무슨일이 있어나고 있나요?

Check out Current events, which is on the sidebar on all pages to keep up with the community. You can also read the WordPress Planet to get your daily fix.


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