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Need to Return Item to Australia from USA

So a seller from Australia sent me the wrong item. She just gave me a tracking number for the replacement item that she send out to me in the US and wrote "When you receive the dress do you mind placing the skirt in the postage bag and label it retur...

Question for setting

My friend was going to order something on eBay, but it poped up and said that he is not bussiness seller so that he cannot purchase it. Who knows how the function to be set up? Thanks.

Resolved! Seller Sent Wrong Item

I recently bought a dress from a seller in Australia. I’m in the US. Shipping was pretty fast given the distance and I got the package yesterday.I opened the package and discovered that instead of a dress, she sent me a skirt in the same pattern as t...

eBay new listing tool frequently reloading issue

I was trying to list an item. went to the listing tool and I was no longer able to access the old version... instead, "the new listing tool". When I was doing my list suddenly it was refreshed...and then again... my work is not saving. i tried cleari...

Resolved! I Have a Brain Tumor and Want to Continue to Sell!!!

So let's rip the Band-Aide off and it is what it is. I've led a very good life, so please don't feel sorry for me. My word finding stinks, but I can understand every word that you say. My question is HOW can I only ship ONE day a week without eBay go...


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