What is WWE?

WWE, a publicly traded company (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment. The Company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is committed to family-friendly entertainment on its television programming, premium live events, digital media and publishing platforms. WWE’s TV-PG programming can be seen in more than 900 million homes worldwide in 28 languages through world-class distribution partners including NBCUniversal, FOX Sports, BT Sport, Sony India and Rogers. The award-winning WWE Network includes all premium live events, scheduled programming and a massive video-on-demand library and is currently available in more than 180 countries. In the United States, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, is the exclusive home to WWE Network.

What is WWE’s TV content rated?

Since its debut in 1999, SmackDown has always been TV-PG. As of June 2008, all of WWE’s broadcast programming became TV-PG as rated by the Standards & Practices departments of our network partners. Currently, between 9-11PM EST on general entertainment networks, nearly half of all programming on television remains TV-14 while WWE has made a full transition to TV-PG content.

Where does WWE programming air?

WWE programming broadcasts in more than 180 countries and 28 languages and reaches more than 900 million homes worldwide.

  • WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw, is a three-hour primetime program starting at 8PM ET that broadcasts live on USA Network.
  • The two-hour Friday Night SmackDown airs live on FOX in primetime at 8PM ET.
  • WWE NXT airs Tuesdays at 8PM ET on USA Network.
The award-winning WWE Network features all premium live events, including WrestleMania, scheduled programming and a massive video-on-demand library and is currently available in more than 180 countries. WWE Network is available on desktops, laptops and mobile devices via WWE.com. WWE Network is also available through the WWE Network App across a variety of platforms/devices. For the complete list, please visit https://www.wwe.com/devices.

In the United States, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, is the exclusive home to WWE Network. Members can access the entire WWE and Peacock catalog for $4.99 per month. For an ad-free experience, Peacock Premium Plus is available for $9.99 per month. Peacock is currently available on the Roku platform; Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV 4K, and Apple TV HD; Google platforms and devices, including Android, Android TV devices, Chromecast, and Chromecast built-in devices; Microsoft’s Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One S and Xbox One X; Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 5; and VIZIO SmartCast TVs and LG Smart TVs.

Are WWE Superstars employees of WWE?

Like some professional athletes and entertainers such as actors and actresses on television dramas, soaps or comedies, WWE performers are independent contractors. They do not have corporate responsibilities or duties. Several WWE performers are incorporated, have agents and/or professional managers who handle contract negotiations with WWE. Additionally, many have accountants and/or financial advisors to oversee their finances and investments. WWE performers are personally responsible for acquiring their own health insurance, life insurance and financial planning. To assist in this process, under WWE’s Talent Life Skills program, WWE offers mandatory workshops to its contracted performers to assist them in these matters.

Where can I send a request for U.S./Canadian press inquiries or media credentials for a live event?

Reporters seeking credentials or talent interviews can call Adam Hopkins at 203-352-8675 or send an email with clear identification of the media outlet for which they work, to adam.hopkins@wwecorp.com.

Where can I send a request for International press inquiries or media credentials for a live event outside the US/Canada?

Reporters seeking credentials or talent interviews can email joel.zietcer@wwecorp.com with clear identification of the media outlet for which they work and please state the event and country in the email subject line

WWE Talent

What are you doing to address the health and well-being of WWE Talent?

WWE is committed to doing everything it can to help WWE Talent of today lead healthy lives. The company has worked hard to improve its Talent Wellness Program in an effort to better support WWE Talent and help them make the right lifestyle decisions. The Talent Wellness Program calls for regular cardiovascular evaluations or exams, ImPACT testing, annual physicals, medical referrals and blood screening of WWE Talent, as well as random drug testing.

Does WWE have a drug testing program?

Yes. WWE’s Substance Abuse and Drug Testing policy was designed by Aegis Sciences Corporation and is run 100% independently of WWE.

How comprehensive is the Talent Wellness Program?

The Talent Wellness Program is considered to be as good as the testing programs initiated by major sports leagues and corporations. The WWE program is unique in the entertainment industry and no other entertainment company offers this type of program. WWE Talent Wellness Program is administered independently by world renowned medical professionals and includes cardiovascular testing, ImPACT, testing for brain function, substance abuse and drug testing, annual physicals, and health care referrals. The performers are contractually responsible for securing their own insurance to cover everyday health maintenance and ailments. WWE does cover 100 percent of all costs associated with any in-ring related injuries and associated rehabilitation.

Who oversees and administers the Talent Wellness Program?

The Talent Wellness Program is supervised by WWE Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Maroon. Dr. Maroon is a board-certified Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh. Honored as one of America’s Best Neurosurgeons for eight consecutive years, he has published four books, has written more than 250 papers and 40 book chapters (many on sports medicine), and has been the Team Neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers for more than 25 years.

The Substance Abuse and Drug Testing policy is independently administered by Dr. Timothy A. Robert, Ph.D., D-ABCC, Chief Science Officer of Aegis Sciences Corporation, Nashville, Tennessee. Aegis Sciences Corporation is a full-service forensic sciences company providing toxicology and consulting services to sports organizations, medical examiner systems, crime laboratories, physicians, corporations and other organizations throughout the world. Aegis is the largest independent sports doping laboratory in the U.S., and is certified by the United States Department of Health and Human Services – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and other certifying agencies.

How many times a year do you test WWE Talent?

The program requires random testing of all WWE Talent a minimum of four times a year. The program is independently administered by Aegis Sciences Corporation.

What are the penalties for a positive test?

WWE has a three-strike system. The first strike is a 30-day suspension without pay. The second strike is a 60-day suspension without pay. The third strike is termination of WWE Talent’s contract. The policy states that a WWE Talent who tests positive and receives a strike is subject to follow up testing.

Does WWE announce WWE Talent that have been suspended under the Talent Wellness Program?

Yes. It is WWE policy to publicly release the names of any WWE Talent who are being suspended under this program.

How often is a WWE Talent tested after testing positive and receiving a strike?

After a WWE Talent tests positive and receives a strike that WWE Talent is tested a minimum of 12 times for a period of one year.

Does a WWE Talent who leaves WWE with a strike or strikes retain those infractions if they return to WWE?

Any WWE talent who leaves the WWE for any reason with a first or second violation on his/her record will maintain those strikes if he/she returns to the WWE.

Is a WWE Talent who is terminated for a third strike able to return to the WWE?

A WWE Talent who is terminated by the WWE for a third violation will be prohibited from returning to the WWE for at least one year. Before a possible return, the WWE Talent must test negative for all prohibited substances under the Policy during a pre-contract screening. If they pass the pre-contract screening and are approved to return, the WWE Talent must undergo mandatory unannounced testing for at least one year after the execution of the new contract. The WWE Talent will return with two strikes on his/her record.

How does WWE test for concussions and protect its performers from head trauma?

Since December 2008, WWE has taken significant steps in the area of head trauma. Under WWE’s Talent Wellness Program, all performers undergo mandatory tests of brain function, including memory, processing speed and reaction time. Monitoring and analysis are done through the ImPACT Concussion Management Program, which is used by the NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, US Olympic Training Center and in more than 400 colleges and 2,000 high schools. If a WWE performer shows symptoms of a concussion or has suffered a concussion, then that WWE performer will not be cleared for a return to wrestling until he/she passes an ImPACT test and is cleared clinically by a certified physician.

Click here for information on concussion management program.

Does WWE test for marijuana?

Yes. In the event of any positive test for marijuana, a WWE Talent shall be fined $2,500 per positive test.

Does WWE allow for Therapeutic Usage Exemptions (TUE)?

The Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy itself does not make reference to TUEs. However, if a WWE Talent has a valid prescription from a licensed and treating physician for a medical condition, and the medical need is verified after an investigation by the Medical Director and subsequent consultation with the Program Administrator, the WWE Talent may use that prescribed drug, subject to follow-up care and monitoring. Currently approximately 7% of WWE Talent have a TUE.

Do you provide any assistance to former talent?

WWE’s Former Talent Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Assistance Program, in effect since 2007, is potentially available to: (i) former WWE Superstars with a prior WWE booking contract; or (ii) former referees with a prior WWE referee contract. Family members and friends are not eligible to receive assistance or treatment under the Program.

In its sole discretion, WWE will consider on a case by case basis whether to pay for rehabilitation services at a qualified treatment center. The Program hotline number for former talent to call is 1-888-668-4826 (within U.S.) or +44-1-865-392-221 (outside U.S.).

WWE Investor Relations

What is the ticker symbol for the WWE and where is it traded?

The Company’s ticker symbol is WWE, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

How can I invest in WWE?

Our stock can be purchased through any brokerage or online investing service. Minimums and fees will vary. Additionally, our stock can be purchased directly through Investors Choice Plan which is administered by American Stock Transfer & Trust Company (AST). Investors Choice Plan enables stockholders to purchase shares and reinvest the cash dividends paid on shares of Class A Common Stock of WWE. These and other transactions can be completed via telephone at (800) 937-5449 (toll free) or (718) 921-8124, or also through AST’s website at www.amstock.com.

When was the Company’s IPO?

WWE became a publicly traded company on October 19, 1999. At our initial public offering, we sold 11,500,000 shares of Class A common stock at a price of $17.00 per share.

In October of 2000, WWE became a publicly traded company on the NYSE (NYSE:WWE.)

Does WWE pay a Dividend?

WWE does pay a dividend to shareholders. To see a list of our historical dividends, please visit our Dividends page.

Does WWE have a D.R.I.P (dividend reinvestment plan)?

The Company offers a dividend reinvestment plan called Investors Choice Plan which is administered by American Stock Transfer & Trust Company (AST). Investors Choice Plan enables stockholders to purchase shares and reinvest the cash dividends paid on shares of Class A Common Stock of WWE. These and other transactions can be completed via telephone at (800) 937-5449 (toll free) or (718) 921-8124, or also through AST’s website at www.amstock.com.

Whom do I contact if I never received my stock certificate?

Shareholders of WWE sometimes own their stock under what’s referred to as a ‘street name’ through their broker. Occasionally, shareholders do not receive their certificates unless specifically requested. To avoid this at the time of purchasing stock, please advise your broker that you would like to ‘hold the physical certificate’. This will ensure that you will obtain the stock certificate, as well as all shareholder materials. If this scenario has already occurred, please contact the original broker or investment institution that handled the transaction.

How can I update my address or transfer my shares?

If you are a registered stockholder, all matters concerning address changes, stock transfers, and lost securities for common stock should be brought to the attention of our Company’s transfer agent. Please notify by phone or mail:
American Stock Transfer c/o Joe Alicia (Transfer Agent) 59 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10007 (718) 921-8210.

When does WWE’s fiscal year end?

WWE’s fiscal year correlates to the calendar year, ending on December 31, and has done so since 2007. Prior to that, the Company’s fiscal year for 2006 ended on April 30. In June 2006, the Board of Directors elected to change the Company’s fiscal year end to a calendar basis beginning with calendar year 2007. This change is intended to simplify our communication and will enable us to report our financial results in a timeframe consistent with the majority of our media and entertainment peers. WWE established an eight-month transition period from May 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006. During this transition period, WWE filed its quarterly reports on Form 10-Q under its previous fiscal reporting schedule.

How can I obtain a copy of the Company’s most recent Annual Report or Financials?

The Company’s Annual Report and financials (Form 10K and Form10Q) can be acquired by one of two ways. Either by downloading electronic versions of our SEC filings through this web site, or potential investors can request hard copies by filling out our contact form.

WWE Fan Questions and Services

How do I become a WWE Superstar?

Our performers are highly trained athletes. Many of them have played collegiate or professional sports. They are successful entertainers, who have mastered the art of bringing their WWE characters to life.

For more information, go to www.wwerecruit.com.

How can I work for WWE?

Please visit our Careers section for any positions open at WWE.

The best way to apply for a position or submit a candidate profile is to click on the Apply Now button on the left-hand side of the careers page.
If you would like to send us a hard copy application, please address it to:

1241 East Main Street
Stamford, CT 06902
Attention: Human Resources

Where can I send a request for information on the marketing of individual WWE Superstars?

Please send an e-mail for all talent marketing related inquiries to Talent.Marketing@wwe.com.

How can I join the WWE Universe?

In addition to watching WWE programming on television, millions of people are joining WWE’s many social media outlets including the following below or catching all the action online at www.wwe.com.

How can I receive email alerts from WWE?

To sign up for email alerts on our Events, Documents, Press Releases and closing stock price information, click here to visit our email Notification page.
Please click here for WWE’s Terms and Conditions

How do I unsubscribe from newsletters?

Any feature on WWE’s websites requiring registration allows you to opt-out from receiving any newsletters, product offers, or other correspondence from either WWE or our business affiliates. In addition, if after registering, you would no longer like to receive any such materials or correspondence, please send an email to Member Services indicating your preference to “unsubscribe,” and we will promptly remove you from our list. Please be sure to include your name and email address in the email. You will need to send separate emails if you are registered for more than one of our features or services.

What is included in WWE's premium live events travel packages and how do I get more information?

WWE premium live events travel packages consist of ringside or lower-tier tickets, hotel accommodations, Superstars sessions and more!
For more information, send an e-mail to TRAVEL PACKAGES.

Where do I send ideas/proposals for storylines, character development, scripts, marketing or business operations?

WWE does not consider or examine external material. Please do not send or e-mail any materials (including scripts, screenplays, storylines, ideas, music, business proposals, marketing concepts, etc.) having to do with character development, storylines or in-ring activities.

Where can I provide a comment on programming or about WWE Superstars?

If you would like to make a comment on our programming or WWE Superstars, please contact Fan Services.

Can I copy pictures/images from your website(s)?

Anyone who displays, reproduces, copies, creates derivative works, or sells our textual, photographic, video or audiovisual programs for commercial or non-commercial purposes without our permission violates our copyright laws and is liable for copyright infringement.

For more information please review our COPYRIGHT & TRADEMARK NOTICES.

Where can I request more information for a project for my school/college?

While we appreciate your interest in studying WWE, we are unable to accommodate individual requests for information. We encourage you to explore this site as it provides information on the various aspects of our company.

Can my child meet a WWE Superstar at a live show?

Unfortunately, due to the amount of preparation required of our talent at live shows, we cannot accommodate individual meet-and-greets with our Superstars.

WWE Parents

Should young children watch WWE?

We at WWE have families of our own, so we understand how important it is for parents to take an active role in what their children watch on television. We encourage parents to help their children select suitable programs and to understand the difference between scripted-entertainment television and real life. We urge those who allow their children to watch our programming to explain that what our Superstars do on television should not be emulated or attempted in real life. All WWE broadcast programming is rated TV-PG as defined by the Federal Communications Commission.

What is WWE’s stance on “backyard wrestling”?

WWE is adamantly opposed to “backyard wrestling.” Our events are conducted in a safe environment and executed by highly trained athletic professionals. Any attempt by our fans to emulate our Superstars physicality is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. Parents should let their loved ones know that practicing “backyard wrestling” is not a path to WWE Superstardom. When we receive videotapes from backyard wrestlers, the tapes are returned unviewed. We encourage parents to take a proactive role in the activities of their children to ensure their safety. WWE issues a “Do Not Try This” public service announcement (PSA) during our programming to alert and educate children, teens and parents about the dangers of re-enacting the athletic moves of our professional performers. We intend to continue promoting safety by recording and broadcasting similar public service announcements in the future.

Military and Charitable Outreach

What are WWE’s community initiatives?

Through WWE’s four community service pillars of Hope, Inclusion, Empowerment and Service, WWE is positively igniting social change and bringing communities closer together. In partnerships with organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Special Olympics, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, UNICEF USA, Girl Up, Ad Council, GLAAD, Susan G. Komen, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The V Foundation, Hire Heroes USA and USO Metro, WWE is supporting programs and initiatives that positively impact children and families around the world.

How is WWE involved with bullying prevention?

In April 2011, WWE and The Creative Coalition launched “Be a STAR” (Show Tolerance and Respect), a multi-platform, global anti-bullying initiative. Currently, “Be a STAR” has more than 75 alliance partners which include the National Education Association Health Information Network (NEA HIN), GLAAD, United Federation of Teachers, Scholastic, Inc., Champions Against Bullying and Stomp Out Bullying.

The mission of “Be a STAR” is to ensure a positive and equitable social environment for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation. “Be a STAR” promotes positive methods of social interaction and encourages people to treat others as equals and with respect because everyone is a star in their own right.

What is WWE doing through the “Be a STAR” Alliance?

The “Be a STAR” Alliance provides resources and tools to promote tolerance and respect, in an effort to combat bullying. WWE has created public service announcements (PSAs) featuring celebrity members of The Creative Coalition as well as WWE Superstars that run during our TV programming. WWE Superstars also frequently conduct school and youth center visits around the world.

The “Be a STAR” Alliance website (www.BeaSTARalliance.org) offers:

  • Educators the opportunity to download a free anti-bullying teacher’s aide and resource guide that promotes tolerance and respect and was created in partnership with the National Education Association Health Information Network (NEA HIN);
  • Students the ability to download a free toolkit to create their own anti-bullying chapter in their school; and/or
  • Concerned citizens the chance to take the official “Be a STAR” pledge that vows to stand up against bullying.

Why is WWE behind a bullying prevention movement?

This is a global and topical issue that WWE feels strongly about, particularly given how many kids WWE reaches every week around the world. WWE is strictly entertainment and our storylines are centered on good versus evil, where conflicts are resolved in the ring. This is not how WWE talent, nor WWE as a company, deal with differences in real life. One should deal with differences by showing tolerance and respect in the real world. We are committed to sharing a bullying prevention message to show our fans how to resolve conflicts in the real world.

What other charitable organizations does WWE support?

WWE’s Circle of Champions grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses who desire to meet their favorite WWE Superstars. Since 1982, WWE Superstars have conducted more than 5,000 meet-and-greet sessions with children in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Germany and Australia, to name a few. WWE has a 30-year relationship with The Make-A-Wish Foundation and WWE Superstar John Cena has granted wishes in excess of 600, more than any other celebrity in the history of the foundation.

In 2012, WWE announced a partnership with Susan G. Komen, launching the successful “Rise Above Cancer” breast cancer awareness campaign. Since the partnership’s inception WWE has raised more than $2 million for Susan G. Komen to date.

In 2014, Stephanie McMahon and Paul “Triple H” Levesque created Connor’s Cure, a fund within the Children’s Foundation at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh that supports brain tumor research. To date, Connor’s Cure has been supported by WWE and fans around the world, raising more than $3 million and helping more than 500 families in the U.S.

How is WWE involved with the military?

WWE Superstars regularly visit military bases and hospitals, including Walter Reed Army Medical Center
(prior to closing its doors in 2011) and Bethesda Naval Hospital to bolster the morale of our troops. In 2004, the USO of Metropolitan Washington presented WWE with the first ever “Legacy of Hope” award for the company’s extensive support of our troops and the USO’s Operation Care Package program.

Since 2002, WWE has produced WWE’s Holiday “Tribute to the Troops” with WWE Superstars performing before troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United States.

In 2012, WWE announced a partnership with Hire Heroes USA, an organization committed to serving our nation’s veterans through personalized and customized job search training and assistance. To support Hire Heroes USA’s mission, WWE utilizes all its assets, including TV broadcasts, live events, digital and social media to generate awareness and raise funds.

Can Military personnel receive free tickets?

Active service men and women can present a valid military ID prior to a WWE live event for free admission to a show. This offer does not include pay-per-view events such as WrestleMania and is subject to ticket availability.

How can I get WWE to donate to my charity?

WWE has a long history of working with a variety of charitable foundations. Due to the company’s long-standing commitments to its charitable partners, we are unable accept unsolicited requests. Please send any inquiries to
inyourcorner@wwecorp.com on foundation on letterhead and the request will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

For more information on WWE’s community initiatives, please click here.

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***Disclaimer: WWE would like to remind you that its Superstars are trained professional athletes. You should never try to emulate what they do in and out of the ring.

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