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National and State Constitution Party Conventions 2020

Both the national and West Virginia Constitution Party conventions were recently held by conference call.

The national convention (held on May 1st and 2nd) chose Don Blankenship, former CEO of Massey Energy, as the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate for 2020 and William Mohr as the Vice-Presidential candidate. On the first ballot the results were: Blankenship 139.5; Charles Kraut 77.8; Samm Tittle 46.35; Don Grundmann 25.25; Daniel Clyde Cummings 13.1. The second ballot results were: Blankenship 177; Kraut 86.75; Grundmann 24; Tittle 21.25.

The Convention also chose the national officers for the next four years. They are:

Chairman – Jim Clymer (PA)
Vice-Chairman – Doug Aden (CO)
Treasurer – Gerry Kilpatrick
Secretary – Paula Hospelhorn (AZ)

Regional Chairmen and Co-Chairmen
Eastern Region Chairman – Dave Kopacz (MA) Co-Chairman – Nicholas Sumbles (MD)
Southern Region Chairman – Thom Holmes (OK) Co-Chairman (NC) – Kevin Hayes
Midwestern Region Chairman – John Blazek (MO) Co-Chairman – Matthew Shepard (MI)
Western Region Chairman – Janine Hansen (NV) Co-Chairman – Kirk Pearson (UT)

Earlier, on April 11th, the Constitution Party of W.Va. had our state convention by conference call. The convention was originally scheduled to be held in Weston but was cancelled. Delegates to the national convention were chosen as follows:
Jeffrey-Frank Jarrell
Philip Hudok
Brenda Donnellan

Our new state officers are:
Jeffrey Frank Jarrell Chairman
Barb Litton Vice-Chairman
Secretary Mike Tremblay
Brenda Donnellan Treasurer

Phil Hudok was nominated to run for Sheriff of Randolph Co. and has already collected the necessary signatures to obtain ballot access.
Michael Tremblay was nominated to run for County Commissioner of Kanawha Co.

The Corona Virus scam has disrupted party activities this year and is making ballot-access petitioning particularly difficult. A return to Constitutional principals of government would have prevented the lockdown of personal freedoms, business and church activities.