Membership in the CPWV is open to all persons who are: legal residents of the United States of America; citizens of the Republic of West Virginia; being of suitable character and evidencing an interest in the furtherance of the objectives of this organization; and who further agree to abide by and be subject to its bylaws.  Four levels of membership are available by application to such qualified persons with rights and privileges as follows:

  1. Member-at-Large: is any qualified person who is a registered West Virginia voter indicating affiliation of “Constitution” or the equivalent.  This shall be the minimum requirement to be permitted to nominate and vote for candidates for public office, regardless of any dues payment status.
  2. Active Member: is any Member-At-Large choosing to participate in the internal administration of the party who:  1) applies for membership via application form (see below), to the Membership Committee;  2) is nominated by said committee and subsequently unanimously accepted for membership via a quorum of voting members at a duly called state party meeting or convention;  3) maintains consistent and uninterrupted Constitution Party voting registration; and  4) is current with annual dues of $25.  Active members will have full parliamentary privileges and are eligible to hold party office.
  3. Associate Member: is any qualified person, regardless of political affiliation or place of residence, who pays annual dues of $10.  Associate members shall not have any parliamentary or office-holding privileges, but may freely attend meetings, participate in committees, and will receive all party communications and activity notifications.
  4. Life Member: is any Active or Associate member who contributes a minimum of $500 to the party.  In recognition of this generosity, subsequent annual dues for Life members are waived.  However, parliamentary and office-holding privileges of Life members remain contingent upon maintaining consistent party voting registration.

Membership at any level is open to all qualified persons regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, handicap, or religious background.
Be sure to thoroughly read the Understanding of Membership below the application form.  If you have any questions, feel free to make a general inquiry and we will respond promptly.
Mail completed forms with check or money order made out to CPWV to PO Box 321, Weston, WV  26452.  Please note that there are no discounts for partial year contributions.  However, initial applications made after the first day of September will be applied to the FULL following year as well as the remaining months of the application year.