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Code an Unusual Discovery for Hour of Code 2018

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Introduce computer science to kids

Join over 1 million teachers, parents, and students in creating fun projects with the free CS First curriculum

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Anyone can teach CS First

Teachers, parents, and librarians alike have used CS First. No computer science experience needed. Instructional videos guide students through each activity, allowing you to work with students individually.

Kids in a classroom working on laptops

How it works



Find interested students, and secure a space with an internet-connected computer and headphones for each of them.


Sign in and create a class

Use your Google Account to create your CS First class.

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Review materials

Access materials digitally, or request to have a free kit shipped to you. Review materials before students arrive.


Teach the students

Access tools and track student progress using your dashboard.


Everything you need

CS First projects involve block-based coding using Scratch.

The CS First kit includes lesson plans and solution sheets for the teacher, as well as fun passports and stickers for the students.


Theme-based projects

Students create computer science projects around different themes such as Sports, Art, and Fashion. Each theme contains 8 lessons of 60-90 minutes that can be tailored to fit your schedule.


Why computer science?

Computer science is a 21st-century skill that enables kids to be creators, rather than just consumers, of technology. Its emphasis on problem solving is applicable across disciplines, driving growth and innovation across all sectors of the workforce.

Kids in a classroom working on laptops

CS First around the world

1,000,000+ students. 32,000+ classes. 75+ countries.

More CS at Google

CS First is one of many initiatives at Google focused on improving access to computer science education. Visit our website to learn about other programs that may be of interest to you.

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