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Mar 2021

This issue deals with renewable energy in the South Caucasus. Firstly, Agha Bayramov looks at Azerbaijan’s renewable energy developments. Secondly, Mary Keogh predicts that the development of indigenous renewable resources will play a key role in bolstering Armenia’s energy security, in particular limiting reliance on Russia, and explores the contribution of renewable energy to Armenian energy security, focusing on the opportunities made available by cooperation with external actors on renewable energy initiatives. Thirdly, Tracey German assesses the contribution that hydropower makes to Georgia’s energy mix, detailing the lessons that can be drawn from the Georgian experience about the demands of balancing electricity needs against environmental and social costs.

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Author Mary Keohg, Agha Bayramov, Tracey German, (Series Editors: Mary Keogh (Special Editor), Agha Bayramov (Special Editor), Lusine Badalyan, Bruno De Cordier, Farid Guliyev, Diana Lezhava, Lili Di Puppo, Jeronim Perović, Heiko Pleines, Abel Polese, Licínia Simão, Koba Turmanidze)
Series Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD)
Publisher Center for Security Studies (CSS)
Research Centre for East European Studies (FSO), University of Bremen; Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC-​​Georgia); Center for Eastern European Studies (CEES), University of Zurich; German Association for East European Studies (DGO)
Copyright © 2021 Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zürich; Research Centre for East European Studies (FSO), University of Bremen
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