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Features to help you grow your business

Manage apps and games across their lifecycle, from alpha tests to live updates, in the Google Play Console. Grow your business too, with user acquisition tools and stats and revenue reports.

Track your performance

Dashboard & statistics

View daily updates for your app’s installs and uninstalls, ratings, revenue, crashes, and (if activated) Firebase Cloud Messaging statistics.

View performance statistics

Android vitals


Get detailed information on crashes and application not responding (ANR) errors. Use the filters to find and diagnose issues.

View crashes and ANR errors

Release management

App signing

Securely transfer your key to Google in order for Google to manage it on your behalf. You'll benefit from Google's industry-leading security and avoid key loss or compromise.

Learn more about app signing

Alpha and beta tests

Improve the quality of your apps and games before you launch, by gathering feedback from users in open or closed tests.

Run alpha/beta tests

Release dashboard

Track a release as it happens and see how your release is affecting your app's important metrics. Compare data against a previous release. Quickly halt your rollout if anything looks out of the ordinary.

Review your data during a release

Device catalog

Give your users a great experience on the widest range of devices. Search and filter across rich device data for every Google-certified device.

Learn more about the device catalog

Pre-launch reports

See the results of an automatic crawl performed on your alpha and beta APKs. Details are provided on any crashes, display issues, and security vulnerabilities found.

Use pre-launch reports

Staged rollouts

Release updated apps and games to progressively larger percentages of your users so that you can catch missed issues. Halt and resume rollouts so you can find and fix issues.

Release updates progressively

Android Instant Apps

Release an instant app with the same release management flow you’re familiar with. Iterate quickly and test a version of your instant app with trusted users on a pre-release track.

Distribute your instant app

Store presence

Store listing

Create a store listing page by adding descriptions, icons, graphics, videos, and more. Address multiple markets by adding localized listings.

Create a compelling store listing

Pricing and distribution

Ensure your app is distributed for its supported devices, form factors, and programs. If your app is paid, set up pricing and use strikethrough pricing to run a sale. You can also use pricing templates to manage the same set of prices for multiple paid apps and in-app products.

Set up prices & app distribution

Translation services

Request a translation for your app or game, in-app products, and ad campaigns from a qualified third-party translation service.

Add a translation to your app

User acquisition

Acquisition reports

Get reports on how well your app or game is acquiring users by channel and country with multiple breakdown and comparison options. See which channels drive retained users and buyers over time.

Understand your user acquisition

Financial reports


See overviews and details about revenue, buyers, and conversions. Filter reports by various time periods and see details of changes between periods.

View your app’s financial reports

Subscriptions dashboard

See how your subscriptions are performing and make better decisions to grow your business. Understand and analyze total subscribers, revenue, retention, and churn across multiple dimensions.

Earn more with subscriptions

User feedback


See your app’s overall rating, understand how it changes over time and varies among countries, languages, devices, app versions, and Android versions. And see how your app compares to similar apps in the same category.

View your app’s rating


Browse and analyze user reviews to find trends and themes that will help you improve your app or game. Reply to reviews to engage with your users. See how your replies affect your app's ratings.

Read and respond to user reviews

Games services

Player analytics

Find out more about your players, where they come from, how they progress through your game, purchase in-app products, and more.

Review player analytics

Feature analytics

Drill down into details to see how achievements and leaderboards motivate players, as well as how many players engage with multiplayer features.

Analyze your game’s features


Encourage players to experiment with features or to approach your game with entirely different play styles by giving them goals to achieve. Reward achievements with XP points, which enable players to level-up.

Add achievements to your game


Foster competition between your players by adding one or more daily, weekly, or all-time leaderboards to your game. Use social leaderboards to encourage competition between members of a player’s circle.

Implement leaderboards in your game

Saved games

Keep players engaged by letting them continue their play from where they stopped. And give them the option to switch between devices even when the worst happens, and their device is lost or stolen.

Add saved games

Team access and notifications

Access management

Invite team members and other collaborators to your Google Play Console account. Give them access to just the features they need, even set an expiration date on their access rights.

Manage users and their permissions

Get the Play Console app

Review your app's performance statistics and financial data. Be notified of your app's status and publishing changes. Read and reply to user reviews on the go.

Get the app

Notification center

Choose to get email or web notifications about your app's status, reviews, beta feedback, pre-launch reports and more. (Get notifications on your device with the Android app.)

Set your notification preferences
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