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The Google Play Developer Console

Google Play
Developer Console

From the Google Play Developer Console you can manage all phases of publishing and reach over 1 billion active Android users on Google Play.

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Why Google Play Console

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Improve your app’s quality

Improve your app’s quality

Success on Google Play starts with quality. The better your app or game, the higher the rating and the more likely people will be to download it. The Play Console lets you test and understand how your app is performing, before launch.

Before launching the product, Google Play’s software and beta program allowed me to invite people specifically to test the app.

Olivier Jeannel, Founder at RogerVoice

Publish with confidence

Publish with confidence

When you’re ready to launch, the Play Console lets you publish your app with confidence. With granular controls, you manage your releases and choose the right pricing and distribution options.

To support the new pricing, all we had to do was configure the in-app product price on the Google Play Developer Console. It’s very easy to manage.

Hoang Pham Vinh Phuc, CTO at Divmob

Engage your users

Engage your users

Engaging users means understanding their needs and how they use your app. The Play Console lets you engage with your audience through ratings and reviews, and then compare how you’re performing against apps in the same category.

One of the amazing things about Android is our communication with users. It’s more than responding to bug reports it’s an ongoing dialogue, through beta tests and reviews.

Avi Muchnick, CPO and Co-founder at Aviary

Understand your players

Understand your players

If you’re using Google Play games services, Player Analytics is a free reporting tool in the Play Console. It will help you understand how players are progressing, spending, and churning in your game.

When I started using the tools it was an eye-opening experience. I could suddenly see where I could easily improve retention or monetization in the game.

Eric Froemling, Founder at Bombsquad

Grow your audience

Grow your audience

Once you’ve built an engaging, quality app that users love, it’s time to show it to the world. The Play Console lets you understand how users find your app, run experiments on your store listing, compare performance to apps in the same category, and launch ad campaigns.

And, because it’s so important, we’ve also been working to localize our prices too. As a result, we’ve seen a 20% increase in our revenue.

Gonzalo Rodriguez, CEO at Papumba

Earn more revenue

Earn more revenue

There are many ways to earn money with Google Play. Tweak your pricing for individual markets, manage your in-app products and your subscription business, run promotions, and more.

Google Play Billing offers a much better user experience compared to the main Le Monde app, readers now just click a button to subscribe.

Ahcene Amrouz, Product Manager for Mobile at Le Monde

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