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Apple publishes SDKs, file format specifications, documentation, and other resources that provide developers with opportunities to add functionality or content to Apple applications such as iTunes, Final Cut Pro, LiveType, DVD Studio Pro 2, Logic Platinum, Soundtrack, Keynote, Safari, and Sherlock.

News and Updates
Developer Documentation Updated for Panther
Apple's developer documentation includes overviews, tutorials, and details on application development with Apple technologies. Over 100 documents have been recently updated for Mac OS X Panther v10.3. [Oct 24 2003]
Technical Note: iTunes Visual Plug-ins for Windows
This Technical Note is directed at application developers who want to create visual plug-ins for iTunes Windows 4.1 and later. [Oct 17 2003]
iTunes Visual Plug-ins SDK for Macintosh and Windows
This SDK contains the files necessary for iTunes Visual Plug-in development for iTunes 1.1 or later, and includes documentation and sample code. [Oct 16 2003]
Pro Apps Developer Mailing List
Join the Pro Apps Developer Mailing List (pro-apps-dev) to get important information about creating products based on Apple Pro Applications. [Oct 16 2003]
Safari Tips for Web Developers
Web development for Safari, Apple's standards-based browser, is easy and straightforward. Read this article to learn the specifics of how the Safari browser handles things like user information, cookies, caching and JavaScript. [Oct 16 2003]
Technical Resources
Video from WWDC 2003
Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June, 2003, included several presentations of interest to developers creating content or extensions for Apple Pro Applications. Video of these sessions is now available online in the ADC TV section of the ADC member site. The sessions include
  • Developer Opportunities with Apple's Professional Applications (available free in the Preview Section)
  • Creating Content for Soundtrack and LiveType
  • Data Interchange for Professional Media Applications
  • Interfacing Professional Video Hardware with Final Cut Pro 4.0
  • Extending Professional Applications with Plug-ins
XML Interchange for Final Cut Pro 4
The Final Cut Pro XML Interchange Format offers developers and users complete access to the contents of Final Cut Pro projects. Using information encoded in this plain text format, you can process project content in new ways that supplement the capabilities of the Final Cut Pro application itself. As well, you can better integrate Final Cut Pro with other applications and workflow systems. The Beta 1 release of this feature works with Final Cut Pro 4.0 only and is available on the ADC Member Site.
Building Audio Unit Plug-ins for Pro Apps (PDF)
The Mac OS X Core Audio services provide an Audio Units plug-in architecture for DSP (audio in/audio out). This 5-page PDF details the additional guidelines developers should understand as they create and deploy Audio Unit modules for use in Final Cut Pro 4, Soundtrack 1.0, or Logic Audio 5.5 or 6.0.
Creating LiveFonts for LiveType (DMG)
LiveType (included in Final Cut Pro 4) revolutionizes titling with the world's first animated font standard—LiveFonts. This 2.2 MB disk image provides all the materials you need to construct a sample LiveFont from a FontScript, as well as important general tips.
Apple Loops SDK 1.0.1 (FTP)
This SDK provides the tools and guidelines for creating audio loops in the Apple Loops format for use within Apple applications such as Soundtrack.
Building FXScripts for Final Cut Pro 4 (PDF)
FXScript is a built-in scripting language in the Final Cut Pro application that lets you create custom video effects such as filters, text generators, and transitions. You can build, connect, modify and combine effects. You can save effects in write-protected format and distribute copyrighted effects without losing control of their content. This 71-page PDF documents FXScript.
Safari Resources for Web Developers
Learn more about Apple's fast and standards-compliant new web browser to help web developers and web publishers work with Safari.
Developer Opportunities Using Keynote and APXL
Apple's Keynote presentation software stores data in an open XML format called APXL. Learn about Keynote extensibility and how your applications can use APXL to leverage the display capabilities built into Keynote.
Deliver Web Services Using a Sherlock Channel
Sherlock channels make it easy to provide Web services in Mac OS X. Sherlock 3 uses an improved model for channels that gives developers more flexibility in how data is displayed and organized. The new channels model provides a front-end interface for a Web-based search engine and full control over how search results are displayed using Aqua. Everything required to develop a channel is provided in the Sherlock Channel SDK including technical documentation, a sample channel, an Xcode template, and an Interface Builder Sherlock palette.
Business Resources
CD Replication Services
Discounted CD/CDR replications services Media Technology Services Data Delivery and CD CyClone.
Product Discounts
Discounts on hard-to-find hardware, software and accessories from MacTreasures.
Electronic Product Retailing
Discounted e-commerce services and payment processing from Kagi.
Web Advertising
Discounted Web advertising packages.
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