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This page lists new and recently changed documents. Most documents have a revision history, which details additions and changes to that document since the previous version. Look for "Revision History" in the document's table of contents.
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  2003-10-23 iBook G4 Developer Note (HTML)
New developer note describing the iBook G4 introduced in October 2003.
  2003-10-18 Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X version 10.3 and added several new chapters.
  2003-10-17 Search Kit Reference (HTML)
First version of Search Kit Reference.
  2003-10-17 UNIX Porting Guide (HTML)
Improved documentation accessibility for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-10-16 Apple Filing Protocol Version 3.1 (HTML)
The Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) allows users of multiple computers to share files easily and efficiently over a network. This document describes Apple Filing Protocol Version 3.1. It describes the file system, file access model, and security provisions of an AFP server.
  2003-10-16 Control Manager Reference (HTML)
Removed Data Browser APIs. These APIs are now in the Data Browser Reference.
  2003-10-16 Open Directory (HTML)
Updated to cover features as of Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-10-16 Open Directory Plug-ins (HTML)
Updated to cover features as of Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-10-16 What's New in WebObjects 5.2.2 (HTML)
This document describes the major new features of WebObjects 5.2 and describes the most significant bug fixes and enhancements to the product.
  2003-10-15 ATSUI Reference (HTML)
This document is updated for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-10-15 Carbon Printing Manager Reference (HTML)
The return value for the function PMSessionGetCurrentPrinter contains additional information.
  2003-10-15 Gestalt Manager Reference (HTML)
This reference now contains ATSUI attribute and version selectors for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-10-15 Introducing HIView (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-10-15 Key-Value Coding (HTML)
Key-Value Coding has been rewritten for Mac OS X v10.3.
  2003-10-15 Key-Value Observing (HTML)
New document that explains the Cocoa Key-Value Observing protocol.
  2003-10-15 Scriptable Applications (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X v10.3.
  2003-10-15 Search Fields (HTML)
New programming topic that explains how to use Cocoa search fields.
  2003-10-15 Segmented Controls (HTML)
New document that explains how to use Cocoa segmented controls.
  2003-10-15 Text Services Manager Reference (HTML)
This document is updated for Mac OS X version 10.3. It includes information on Carbon events and function that support the TSM document access protocol.
  2003-10-14 Controller Layer (HTML)
First version of The Cocoa Controller Layer.
  2003-10-13 Controls and Cells (HTML)
Updated the list of topics in the "Child Topics" and added the "Using the System Control Tint" article.
  2003-10-13 Drag and Drop (HTML)
Added a "Frequently Asked Questions" article.
  2003-10-13 Keychain Manager Reference (HTML)
Corrected description of KCSetDefaultKeychain function.
  2003-10-13 Mac OS X Development Tools Overview (HTML)
This document introduces the software development tools provided by Apple, puts the various tools in the context of the development process, and briefly describes each tool so you can determine when you might want to use it. The tools include many written by Apple, plus a variety of tools available from other sources and provided by Apple for your convenience.
  2003-10-11 Using Color (HTML)
Added the task "Using the System Control Tint".
  2003-10-10 Accessing Hardware From Applications (HTML)
Accessing Hardware From Applications describes how software running in Mac OS X can access hardware by communicating with the kernel. The revision of Accessing Hardware From Applications emphasizes the concepts underlying the use of device interfaces, focusing on providing a blueprint for using them to access hardware.
  2003-10-10 I/O Kit Fundamentals (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-10-10 Project Builder for Java (HTML)
Corrected obsolete links.
  2003-10-10 Writing an I/O Kit Device Driver (HTML)
This document takes a practical approach to the task of in-kernel driver development, presenting topics related to the writing, debugging, testing, and deploying of I/O Kit device drivers.
  2003-10-08 Keychain Services Reference (HTML)
Describes the C API for managing passwords, certificates, keys, and other security-related items.
  2003-10-03 12-inch PowerBook G4 Developer Note (HTML)
New developer note describing the 12-inch PowerBook G4 introduced in September 2003.
  2003-10-02 Drawing and Images (HTML)
Clarified sections on "Coordinate Systems" and "Image Size".
  2003-09-25 Locales (HTML)
New document that explains how to use the locale support in Core Foundation.
  2003-09-20 Java 1.4.1 System Properties (HTML)
Lists the runtime system properties available with Java 1.4.1 for Mac OS X Panther.
  2003-09-20 Kernel Programming (HTML)
Essential information for programming in the Mac OS X kernel. Includes a high-level overview.
  2003-09-18 Customizing Xcode (HTML)
Conceptual and task information on how to customize Xcode to make it a more productive environment for the way you like to work. Some features are of particular use to developers who are familiar with Project Builder, BBEdit, CodeWarrior, or MPW, but most should be useful to any developer.
  2003-09-18 Multiple User Environments (HTML)
First version of Multiple User Environments.
  2003-09-18 Sherlock Channels (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-09-17 AppleScript for Mac OS X (HTML)
Introduces the technology for creating and controlling scriptable applications. Useful for scripters and application developers.
  2003-09-17 Moving Projects From CodeWarrior to Xcode (HTML)
This document describes how to move software projects for the Mac OS from CodeWarrior to Xcode, Apple's integrated development environment. It lists similarities and differences between the two environments, describes how to import a CodeWarrior project, and provides information on many conversion issues.
  2003-09-16 15-inch PowerBook G4 Developer Note (HTML)
New developer note describing the 15-inch PowerBook G4 introduced in September 2003.
  2003-09-16 17-inch PowerBook G4 Developer Note (HTML)
New developer note describing the 17-inch PowerBook G4 introduced in September 2003.
  2003-09-16 Building Applications With AppleScript Studio (HTML)
This document provides the key information, including extensive tutorials, you'll need to create AppleScript Studio applications. Now includes preliminary information for AppleScript Studio versions 1.2 and 1.3.
  2003-09-16 Cross-Development (HTML)
Describes how to develop software that can be deployed on, and take advantage of, features from specified versions of Mac OS X, including versions different than the one you are developing on.
  2003-09-16 The Objective-C Programming Language (HTML)
This document defines the Objective-C language as implemented by Apple and used in the Cocoa application frameworks. All new Cocoa developers should read this book.
  2003-09-15 AppleScript Studio Terminology Reference (HTML)
This document describes the AppleScript Studio scripting terminology available through AppleScript Studio version 1.3, which first became available with Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-09-12 Application Kit Reference for Java (HTML)
Updated to contain final Panther API.
  2003-09-12 Application Kit Reference for Objective-C (HTML)
Updated to contain final Panther API.
  2003-09-12 Foundation Reference for Java (HTML)
Updated to contain final Panther API.
  2003-09-12 Foundation Reference for Objective-C (HTML)
Updated to contain final Panther API.
  2003-09-11 Mac OS X Assembler Guide (HTML)
This document describes in detail the assembly language syntax, the assembler directives, and specific assembler options required for the Mac OS X assembler. It also includes a complete and detailed list of the addressing modes and instructions of the PowerPC and i386 architectures that the assembler supports. This document has been revised to meet current documentation standards and for recent changes in the content.
  2003-09-10 Web Services (HTML)
This is an updated Web Services document with new API calls and sample code for Mac OS X (version 10.3).
  2003-09-10 XML (HTML)
Removed erroneous call to CFRelease in sample code.
  2003-09-09 Strings (HTML)
Added a description of NSNumericSearch.
  2003-09-09 Web Kit Reference for Objective-C (HTML)
  2003-09-09 What is Cocoa? (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X version 10.3, adding a discussion of Web Kit.
  2003-09-01 Core Foundation Reference (HTML)
  2003-09-01 What's New in QuickTime 6.4 For Mac OS X (HTML)
  2003-08-29 QuickTime Streaming Server Modules (HTML)
  2003-08-28 A Quick Tour of Xcode (HTML)
A hands-on introduction, in the form of four short tutorials, to the Xcode application and some of its companion tools.
  2003-08-26 Optimizing Image Processing With vImage (HTML)
New document describing the vImage framework.
  2003-08-25 Core Audio (HTML)
Preliminary version of Core Audio.
  2003-08-21 Address Book (HTML)
Provides an overview of the Address Book framework and describes some common tasks.
  2003-08-21 Interface Builder (HTML)
New document that provides advice for using the Interface Builder graphical UI design tool, and pointers to relevant documentation.
  2003-08-21 Software Distribution (HTML)
Updated documentation to reflect new and revised features in Mac OS X version 10.3 (v10.3).
  2003-08-21 System Overview (HTML)
Updated documentation to reflect new and revised features in Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-08-20 Address Book Reference for C (HTML)
  2003-08-20 Address Book Reference for Objective-C (HTML)
Reference documentation for the Address Book framework.
  2003-08-20 Power Mac G5 Developer Note (HTML)
New developer note describing the Power Mac G5 introduced in August 2003.
  2003-08-18 Value Transformers (HTML)
First version of Value Transformers.
  2003-08-12 Preference Panes (HTML)
Updated tabbed view screen shot in "The Preference Application" article.
  2003-08-08 Data Formatting (HTML)
First version of Data Formatting.
  2003-08-08 Sort Descriptors (HTML)
First version of Sort Descriptors.
  2003-08-08 Speech (HTML)
First version of Speech.
  2003-08-08 Text Layout (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-08-07 Binary Data (HTML)
First release of conceptual and task material covering the support for binary data objects in Core Foundation.
  2003-08-07 Binary Data (HTML)
Revised content and added more code examples.
  2003-08-07 Collections (HTML)
Fixed errors in sample code.
  2003-08-07 Data Formatting (HTML)
Revised and updated content.
  2003-08-07 Internationalizing Your Software (HTML)
First version of Internationalizing Your Software.
  2003-08-07 Mac OS X Bundles (HTML)
First revision of this programming topic. Some of the information in this topic previously appeared in System Overview.
  2003-08-07 Mach-O Runtime Architecture (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-08-07 Property Lists (HTML)
Corrected XML tag descriptions.
  2003-08-07 Runtime Configuration (HTML)
Addresses Java development in Mac OS X using Project Builder.
  2003-08-07 Strings (HTML)
Corrected the description of the CFStringCapitalize function.
  2003-08-07 System Startup (HTML)
First version of System Startup.
  2003-08-06 Apple Event Manager Reference (HTML)
Updated for API added in Mac OS X version 10.3 for locating processes on remote computers.
  2003-08-04 Text Views (HTML)
First content added: introduction and links to existing Cocoa documents describing text views.
  2003-08-01 Dialogs and Special Panels (HTML)
Updated for NSAlert, introduced in Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-07-31 Drawing with Quartz 2D (HTML)
This is a minor revision to Drawing With Quartz 2D. Several illustrations have been enhanced. New tables have been added to document line cap and line join styles. A few inconsistencies in code samples have been fixed.
  2003-07-31 Open Scripting Architecture Reference (HTML)
Incorporated existing OSA reference documentation.
  2003-07-31 Palette Manager Reference (HTML)
Most functions are not recommended for new application development. For more information, see "Palette Manager Reference".
  2003-07-31 Printing Plug-in Interfaces Reference (HTML)
First version of this document.
  2003-07-31 Quartz 2D Reference (HTML)
Revised to include new functionality introduced in Mac OS X version 10.2.
  2003-07-31 Quartz Primer (HTML)
Revised to add new information and fix bugs.
  2003-07-31 Quartz Services Reference (HTML)
Released as a preliminary document.
  2003-07-31 Sheets (HTML)
Updated for Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-07-30 Drawing and Views (HTML)
Added "Hiding Views" and "Optimizing View Drawing" to describe NSView methods introduced with Mac OS X version 10.3.
  2003-07-29 Sliders (HTML)
Added information about circular sliders.
  2003-07-28 Multithreading (HTML)
Updated the advice for using locks in libraries in "Using Locks in Libraries".
  2003-07-25 Drawing Performance (HTML)
Added tips on improving Carbon and Cocoa drawing for Mac OS X 10.3.
  2003-07-25 File-System Performance (HTML)
Updated tips and fixed some minor bugs for Mac OS X 10.3.
  2003-07-25 Finding Performance Problems (HTML)
Minor bug fixes for Mac OS X 10.3.
  2003-07-25 Fix and Continue (HTML)
First revision of this programming topic.
  2003-07-25 Launch Time Performance (HTML)
Minor bug fixes for Mac OS X 10.3.
  2003-07-25 Memory Performance (HTML)
Added Carbon-specific performance tips.
  2003-07-25 Multilingual Text Engine Reference (HTML)
Added information for the data type TXNLongRect.
  2003-07-25 Optimizing Your Code Footprint (HTML)
Minor bug fixes to reflect the Xcode environment.
  2003-07-25 Optimizing Your Code For Speed (HTML)
Added information about the CHUD tools.
  2003-07-25 Performance Fundamentals (HTML)
Updated list of performance tools for Mac OS X 10.3.
  2003-07-24 Ink Services Reference (HTML)
Added the constants "Ink Source Types", "Text Drawing Flags".
  2003-07-24 Using Ink Services in Your Application (HTML)
Made changes to the text and source code in the section "Handling Phrase Termination" to reflect the use of the iSource input parameter to the functions InkSetPhraseTerminationMode and InkTerminateCurrentPhrase.
  2003-07-21 Menu Manager Reference (HTML)
Expanded discussion for the SetMenuItemHierarchicalMenu function.
  2003-07-17 Hello IOKit: Creating a Device Driver With Project Builder (HTML)
Added information about including only Kernel.framework header files.
  2003-07-17 Hello Kernel: Creating a Kernel Extension With Project Builder (HTML)
Added information about including only Kernel.framework header files.
  2003-07-09 Loading Resources (HTML)
Added "Instantiating Nibs From Memory" and the link to the NSNib class reference.
  2003-07-03 URL Loading System (HTML)
Corrected willSendRequest:redirectResponse: method signature throughout topic.
  2003-07-02 Font Panel (HTML)
Expanded the section on using NSFontManager's responder chain for custom font management.
  2003-07-01 Assertions and Logging (HTML)
Clarified that the information provided in "Using a Custom Assertion Handler" also applies to the main thread. Added that you must specify the dictionary in the same thread.
  2003-06-30 Run Loops (HTML)
Corrected error in sample code in "Running the Run Loop".
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