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  Safari Resources for Web Developers
Safari is Apple's new web browser. Built around the KHTML open source project, it was designed to render web pages blazingly fast and includes a number of inovative features. This page was built to help web developers and web publishers work with Safari. For more information on the features of Safari for the end-user, please refer to the Safari product page.

Apple's Safari Resources

  • Download the latest Safari public beta here. The latest Safari beta version is v60, released February 12, 2003. This release renders HTML and Flash content more quickly, adds XML support, and improves standards conformance. The update also works with self-signed security certificates.
  • The Safari Developer FAQ covers user-agent strings, plug-in support, DHTML support, favicons, and other web development issues relevant to Safari.
  • Safari is scriptable! Check out these sample scripts from the AppleScript site.
  • Learn about WebCore, the open source heart of Safari.
  • Join the growing community of Apple web developers sharing information and ideas about Safari, CSS, HTML, and other relevant topics on the Web Development Discussion list.

Safari and Web Standards: Web Resources

  • The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the organizing force behind web standards and protocols, and their site has numerous useful resources for web developers.
  • Although still only a beta, Safari is one of the most standards-compliant browsers ever built. Thus, your best bet for ensuring your pages render properly in Safari -- today's beta and beyond -- is to follow web standards. For a great overview of web standards, check out's article Using Web Standards in Your Web Pages.
  • The MacEdition Guide to CSS2 Support is a handy table that compares the major browsers, including Safari.
  • Peter-Paul Koch has compiled a series of W3C DOM Compatibility charts that cover Safari and other browsers.
  • Eric Meyer is a standards evangelist with Netscape, and has a set of resources on CSS that anyone interested in Safari should know about.

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