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Kagi, founded in 1994 is an e-commerce service that processes payments for thousands of Macintosh software products distributed over the Internet. With Kagi's turnkey service, you can quickly and inexpensively build a secure storefront to sell and distribute your software. Kagi handles the tasks that would otherwise be tedious and costly for an independent developer. Kagi handles every aspect of the purchase of your product including processing of credit cards, checks, cash and purchase orders, fraud screening, and any customer service related to the transaction. Kagi makes it easy for programmers to get started earning money from their software. Kagi has no set-up or monthly fee. You pay only a percentage of your product when it is sold. Kagi's fees are amongst the lowest in the industry.
You Retain Control
Kagi offers you complete control to set up, modify or add products anytime, retain control over order forms, receive multiple automatic registration codes, receive detailed payment summaries on-line, test order pages, manage databases remotely, create a database archive of orders, give automatic e-mail order notification and get valuable affiliate tracking and marketing data.

Expanded Service
Kagi's expanded services include customized order pages (in the look and feel of your website), physical fulfillment, CD duplication, electronic downloads for purchased products, and Macintosh product technical support.

Trusted Payment Service
Kagi is the trusted payment service for over 7,000 vendors and over 50,000 products. This is because their service is reliable and secure. Kagi's infrastructure is redundant and robust, and their many years of experience gives them an edge in fraud screening.

Flexible Payments
Kagi vendors receive payments monthly, although you may also set up a minimum and maximum payment amount to reduce your bank fees. If you have collaborators on your product, Kagi can split royalties to any number of individuals.

24/7 Service
Kagi accepts all major credit cards, checks and cash in 22 different currencies. Customers can order by phone, fax or on-line and will instantly authorize credit card payments 24/7. All Kagi order pages can be viewed in any of ten languages with just a click on the navigation bar.

New to Kagi? Get a Special Deal
In conjunction with the Apple Developer Connection, Premier and Select members who rely on electronic means for product distribution Kagi will lower the fees to 8% for the first six months of sales. For more information, and to sign up, go to

If you have any questions, please contact Marcel Beerli at 1-510-376-2692, or visit

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