Are you a case vendor looking to design a carrying case for iPod, iPhone or iPad? You don't need to be in the MFi licensing program, simply use the following dimensional drawings to get started with all the measurements you need for current and past products.

Design considerations for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

If you are developing a carrying case for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you need to take into consideration antenna location as well as the locations of any sensors which should always remain uncovered.

The touch interface senses the presence of one or more fingers on its surface. Any material between the surface and a user's hand, even a very thin sheet of plastic, can affect the performance of the touch interface. Touch screen covers must be thinner than 0.3mm and should be designed so that there are no air gaps between the cover and the screen surface. Covers may not be electrically conductive.

iPod, iPhone, and iPad compatibility icons

Use Apple's iPod, iPhone, and iPad icons to let customers know which iPod, iPhone, and iPad models and generations your product is compatible with. Learn More