Uniquely identifying PWAs with the web app manifest id property

There's a new optional `id` property as part of the web app manifest spec, that allows you to explicitly define the identifier used for your PWA. Adding the `id` property to the manifest removes the dependency on the `start_url` or the location of the manifest, and makes it possible for them to be updated in the future.

Pete LePage

Pete LePage

User-Agent Reduction origin trial

Starting in Chrome 95 Beta, an origin trial allows sites to opt into receiving the reduced user agent string, which will contain only the browser's brand and significant version, its desktop or mobile distinction, and the platform it's running on.

Ari Chivukula Ali Beyad

Ari Chivukula, Ali Beyad

What's new in Lighthouse 8.4

Lighthouse 8.4 now guards against lazily-loading LCP images and failing FID without a mobile viewport.

Brendan Kenny

Brendan Kenny

Deprecations and removals in Chrome 94

A round up of the deprecations and removals in Chrome 94 to help you plan.

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