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Day 1

8:30 AMBreakfast + registration
9:30 AMKeynote - Linus Upson
10:00 AMBuild mobile apps with the web - Matt Gaunt
10:30 AMNetwork connectivity: optional - Jake Archibald
11:00 AMBreak, office hours
11:30 AMMedia APIs for the multi-platform web - Sam Dutton
12:00 PM#perfmatters: Tooling techniques for the performance ninja - Colt McAnlis
12:30 PMLunch, office hours
2:00 PM#perfmatters: Optimizing network performance for web apps - Ilya Grigorik
2:30 PM#perfmatters: 60fps layout and rendering - Tom Wiltzius and Nat Duca
3:00 PMBreak, office hours
3:30 PMPolymer: declarative, encapsulated, and reusable components for the web - Eric Bidelman
4:00 PMStrategies for scaling up your app - Seth Ladd and Kasper Lund
4:30 PMBreak, office hours
5:00 PMDevelop Chrome Apps on desktop/mobile, distribute and profit - Joe Marini
5:30 PMPortable, secure, native: Pick 3 with PNaCL - Molly Mackinlay and David Sehr
6:00 PMReception

Day 2

8:30 AMBreakfast
9:30 AMBlink update - Greg Simon
10:00 AM#perfmatters: Performant mobile web apps - Bryan McQuade
10:30 AMMobile UX - Paul Kinlan
11:00 AMBreak, office hours
11:30 AMTBD
12:00 PMMulti-device security - Parisa Tabriz
12:30 PMLunch, office hours
2:00 PMUnifying your end-to-end development workflow - Paul Irish
2:30 PMOptimizing your workflow for a cross-device world - Matt Gaunt
3:00 PMBreak, office hours
3:30 PMChrome leadership Q&A panel
4:00 PM
4:30 PM

Breakout discussions

Informal group discussions with a pre-planned topic but no agenda. Expert Chrome engineers will be available to answer questions or facilitate discussion as needed. A proposed list of breakout topics includes mobile perf, rendering perf, offline, and Polymer, with more sessions to be defined by attendees.

5:00 PM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
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